Friday Tech/Registration ProRock Competition

Couger Buttes, CA

Mar. 11, 2005 By Chris Geiger

Friday Tech / Registration

Drivers are coming from all over the country for the first of four ProROCK events here in Johnson Valley California. Sunny warm weather and lot of rocks await driver and spectators alike.

This year ProROCK officials made tech a little easier for the teams and allowed them to be inspected on while still on the trailer. This enabled the teams to pass quickly and get rested for the competition.

After snapping a few photos of trailer bound rigs, I headed out with Cody and Jason to get some up close and personal photos while they practiced near the event site. These two team really love the sport of rock crawling and both have stepped up this year to Trophy class with top of the line, single seat "Nelson" style buggies.

"Tiny" was the first and is still the most famous of the "Moon Buggy" single seat Trophy trucks. Originally built by Nelson & Nelson racing this is the rig that turned the sport of rock crawling upside down and completely changed how people build trucks.
After buying Tiny from the Nelson team, Jason did a major overhaul to get it ready for the season. This included rebuilding the Fat Performance VW style motor , a new transmission and replacing most of the left side of the chassis tubing. The Detroit lockers were removed and replaced with ARB front and rear. New body panels give it an updated look.

Cody Waggoner purchased Mitch Guthrie's rig last year and is also moving up into the Trophy class this year. Other than new skins and a PRP seat this rig was ready to go. Known now as "Roxanne" this rig is very similar in design to the Nelson Built "Tiny". The chassis was built by Shannon Campbell. Shannon has built more competitive rock crawling rigs then anyone else in the world.
PRP Racing Seats built one of the nicest seats I have ever seen on a rock rig. This seat features crushed black velvet with yellow piping. A light yellow flame pattern in the back of the seat truly makes this a show piece. With this seat in the rig, it's not a rock crawler any more it's pimp mobile! Seats like this really show the manufactures are taking this sport very seriously and are really trying to out do each other. This seat rings up a "10" on the bling-bling meter! Newsletter
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