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Sep. 01, 2006 By Off-Road.com

Club Name: Ain't Scared Off Road
Type of Club: Open to all 4x4's
Location: Pensacola, FL USA
Meetings are held: 1st Monday of the Month - 7pm
Contact: Chris - Phone: 904-479-4850 - Email: n/a
Contact: Preston - Phone: 904-479-9193 - Email: pbrewton@castaway.cc.uwf.edu
Club URL: http://www.cs.uwf.edu/~pbrewton/4x4.html
Submitted by: Preston - pbrewton@castaway.cc.uwf.edu

Club Name: Beyond the Trail
Type of Club: We are open to any good looking for wheel drive. Camping, trail riding all the good stuff.
Location: Orlando, Florida
Meetings are held: We meet on Monday nights.  No location yet but it's coming soon.
Contact: PJ Conroy Phone: 407 877-9227 E-mail: CULPRIT551@aol.com
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by:
PJ Conroy - CULPRIT551@aol.com

Club Name: Boulevard JEEP CLub
Type of Club: Any JEEP qualifies as well as Vintage JEEPS too. We are a new charter and are looking for members! Join now and get the first year FREE!
Location: Deltona, FL U.S.A.
Meetings are held: My house or an agreeable neutral place.
Contact: Rich DeSanti Phone: (407) 574-9922 - E-mail: richd@rmondo.com
Contact: Tony Brentlinger Phone: 407-574-9922 - E-mail: tonyb@rmondo.com
Club URL: www.rmondo.com
Submitted by: Rich DeSanti - richd@rmondo.com

Club name: Caloosa Jeepers
Type of Club: Jeep Club
Location: Fort Myers, FL USA.
Meeting are held: On the 2nd & 4th Sat. of the month at the
McDonalds at 2955 Colonial Blvd. (next to amtel Flea Market) at 7pm
Contact: Bill Davis Phone: (941)369-5924 E-Mail: caloosajeepers@juno.com
Contact: Dominic Simonelli Phone: (941) 693-6381
Club URL: None
Submitted by: Bill Davis - caloosajeepers@juno.com

Club Name: Cayman 4x4
Type of Club:
We are open to all off road vehicles, we are 4 jeeps and 2 land rover discovery. We go off road at least 3 times a month but sometimes every weekend!! We have been formed since January 2008, but we all have previous experience off roading.
Location: Sunrise, FL USA
Meetings are held: Second Saturday of each month.
Maria Gabriela Phone: 954-479-0551 E-mail: saturbo96@yahoo.com
Edwin Arellano Phone: 954-793-3841 E-mail: saturbo96@yahoo.com
Submitted by:Maria Gabriela &
Edwin Arellano

Club Name: Country From Down Town Off Road Club
Type of Club:
Family-oriented four wheel drive club open to all makes
Location: Orlando, FL USA
Meetings are held: Second Saturday of each month.
Jim Dombrowski Phone: (407)814-0158 E-mail: jd5898@aol.com
Bill Hagen Phone: (407) 869-7714 E-mail: eccfwhii@aol.com
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Mike Selig -

Club Name: First Coast 4x4
Type of Club: A family oriented club open to any 4x4
Location: Jacksonville, FL USA
Meetings are held: TBA
Contact: Brian Sneed Phone: 904-282-9170 - E-mail: A4xNUT@aol.com
Club URL: Null
Submitted by: Brian Sneed - A4xNUT@aol.com

Club Name: flexplorers.com
Type of Club:
Family oriented, open to all makes.
Location: on-line, Florida
Meetings are held:
no formalities
Hank Grimmick E-mail: hank@flexplorers.com
Jon McLeod E-mail: jon@flexplorers.com
Club URL: www.flexplorers.com
Submitted by:
Hank - hank@flexplorers.com - 27Feb04

Club Name:Hummer X Club Florida Chapter
Type of Club:
Location: Orlando, FL USA
Meetings are held:
Contact: Mark Phone: Email: florida@hummerxclub.com
Club URL:http://www.hummerxclub.com/forum/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&action=quotepost&p=73847
Submitted by: Mark

Type of Club: This club is open to everyone. We have offroading, camping, hiking, fishing & trail riding
Location: Pomona Park, FL U.S.A
Meetings are held: No scheduled meetings yet. Meetings will be posted on our web page along with calendar of events.
Contact: Doug Phone: 904-649-5354 - E-mail: rusty@funport.net
Contact: Rusty Phone: 904-649-4186 - E-mail: rusty@funport.net
Club URL: http://www.funport.net/~rusty
Submitted by: RUSTY - rusty@funport.net

Club Name: Higher Ground 4x4
Type of Club: All 4 wheel drive vehicles are welcome!
Location: Miami, FL USA
Meetings are held: We meet every first and third thursday of the month. 8:30pm
Contact: Moe or Chris - Phone: 305-625-2330 - Email: jebel@gate.net
Contact: (null) - Phone: (null) - Email: (null)
Club URL: Null
Submitted by: Moe Abdel - jebel@gate.net

Club Name: High Society
Type of Club: This club is for close friends or anyone with a nice, big 4x4.
Location: Plant City, FL
Meetings are held: Usually at a friend's house every Friday and Saturday night before we go out to party.
Contact: President - David Dean Phone: 813/754-3925 E-mail: crackjak@aol.com
Contact: Vice President - Dustin Drawdy Phone: 813/754-8355
Submitted By: David Dean - crackjak@aol.com

Club Name: Legendary Jeep Club
Type of Club: We are a Family oriented club and enjoy camping and trail rides.
Location: Titusville, FL USA
Meetings are held: We meet every 4th Sunday at 1:00 at Fox Lake Park in Titusville, usually we try to go for a run afterwards.
Contact: Gary Londo - Phone: 407-269-2818 - Email: legendaryjeeps@geocities.com
Contact: Joe Longcore - Phone: 407-383-4023  - Email: legendaryjeeps@geocities.com
Club URL: www.geocities.com/Baja/Trails/5229

Submitted by: Kathleen Londo - mudrgoos@bellsouth.net

Club Name: Mosquito County Four Wheel Drive Club
Type of Club: Mosquito County Four Wheel Drive Club is an all-makes Four Wheel Drive Club in Central Florida.  Our members enjoy an environment in
which they can develop friendships, increase their knowledge and skills, and participate in OHV activities with an extended family of Four Wheel Drive
Location: Orlando, FL
Meetings are held: Second Wednesday of every month
Contact: Carl Reiche  E-mail: outdoorinfo@juno.com
Contact: Bill Capers  E-mail: bill.capers@att.net
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Bill Capers - bill.capers@att.net - 16Jul03

Club Name: Ocala Off Road Club
Type of Club: Open to all kinds of Vehicles
Location: Debary, FL USA
Meetings are held: Second Sunday of every month @ 100PM
Contact: Craig Pendarvis - Phone: (407) 668-6524 - Email: NA
Contact: Jim Dombrowski - Phone: (407) 351-1402 - Email: jdd05898@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
Club URL: None
Submitted by: Craig Pendarvis

Type of Club: The club is a non profit 4x4 off road social group located in Pensacola Fl. We host charity mud boggs to raise money for local children's hospitals and other needy groups. We have hosted the 1997 NMRO All Star National Points Opener. Pensacola area offers alot of camping and canoing adventures.
Location: Pensacola, FL USA
Meetings are held: We meet every first and third Wednesday of each month, at 7:30pm, at 827 N. 65th Ave. Pensacola Fl.
Contact: Andy Anderson Phone: 626 8688 - E-mail: ph4w@bellsouth.net
Club URL: None
Submitted by: Andy Anderson - PH4W@BELLSOUTH.NET

Club Name: Pirates of Moor Jeep & 4X4 club of central FLA
Type of Club: Jeep & 4X4
Email: PiratesOfMoor@gmail.com
Daytona Beach, Florida

Club URL: www.PiratesOfMoor.org
Submitted by: Cap'n Morgan, (founder)

Type of Club: Samuri owners only. Family oriented. Planning newsletters, discount on tires and service. Possibly trips and picnics. Common problems and where to find parts. Top 10 junk yards. You get the picture. Being an ex-pro baseball player, possibly big league games? Club stickers and other goodies in time. My good friend owns Olson Tire which will be nation-wide soon. Nothing is out of reach.
Location: Clearwater, Florida USA
Meetings are held: Not yet! Checking interest?
Contact: Bill Nahorodny Email: 104136.1577@compuserve.com

Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Bill Nahorodny - 104136.1577@compuserve.com

Club Name: Suncoast Flatlanders
Type of Club: 4x4 Jeep club
Location: Clearwater, Florida USA
Meetings are held: Every 2nd Friday.
Mark Garcia Phone: 813-334-9299 Email: mark39@mindspring.com
Club URL:
Submitted by:
Mark Garcia - mark39@mindspring.com - 08Jun04

Club Name: The Swamp Things
Type of Club: Jeep & 4X4 off-road
Location: Palm Beach County, Florida USA
Meetings are held: Monthly
Phone: (561) 379-9919- Email: gspecht@firstam.com
Phone: (561) 793-9645 - Email: rev_jeeper@yahoo.com
Club URL: www.theswampthings4x4club.com
Submitted by: Gary Specht

Club Name: Tallahassee Off Road Club, Inc.
Type of Club: Primarily 4x4. But we also do a lot of mountain biking, kayaking, ATV and motorcycle riding.
Location: Tallahassee, Florida USA
Meetings are held: Official meetings Quarterly (Check web site), informal get togethers (rides!) virtually every weekend.
Contact: Jessica Robinson, President - Email: TORCrides@aol.com
Contact: Mike O'Lary, Vice President - Phone: (850) 524-3799 - Email: torc@canopy.net
Club URL: http://www.tallahasseeoffroadclub.com
Submitted by: Mike O'Lary

Club Name: Trailriders
Type of Club: Open to any 4x4 owner
Location: Tallahassee, Florida USA
Meetings are held: Wednesday at 11:30
Contact: Tim Miles - Phone: (904) 893-9577 - Email: timmyt@freenet.fsu.edu
Contact: Wilson Dean - Phone: (904) 224-6897 - Email: timmyt@freenet.fsu.edu
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Tim Miles - timmyt@freenet.fsu.edu

Club Name: Treasure Coast Jeep Owners Association
Type of Club: Jeep's only club.
Location: Stuart, FL USA
Meetings are held: First Tuesday of each month, 7:30 PM @ Flamingo Resturant.
Contact: Dave Edison Phone: 561-220-1735 - E-mail: tcjoa@ecqual.net
Contact: Dave Steinhart Phone: 561-287-7088 - E-mail: N/A
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Dave Edison - tcjoa@ecqual.net

Type of Club: Open to all makes of Jeeps only
Location: Pensacola, FL USA
Meetings are held: Currently the last Tuesday of every month, Hong Kong Restaurant. Social hour 6-7pm, meeting 7 pm to 8.30 or so.
Contact: Chairman
Jay Rios Phone: 850/932-9240 E-mail: jayrios@prodigy.net
Contact: Secretary Mike Walter Phone: 850/941-4877 E-mail: wsjc@off-road.com
Club URL: None
Submitted by: Mike Walter -

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Type of Club:
Meetings are held:
Contact: Phone: E-mail:
Contact: Phone: E-mail:

Club URL:
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