Cellport Adds Safety, Convenience to GM Flagship Vehicles at SEMA Event

2001 SEMA Show

Oct. 30, 2001 By ORC STAFF
October 30 - November 2

October 30, 2001 -- Highlighting the broad appeal of its universal, voice-activated, hands-free technology, Cellport Systems, a leading provider of in-vehicle wireless communication and telematics systems, today showcased its Cellport 3000(TM) with Voice Command product in five distinct, lifestyle-oriented General Motors concept vehicles on display at the 2001 SEMA Show being held here. GM chose the Cellport 3000 with Voice Command to enhance personal communications in its Cadillac Escalade Twin Turbo, Chevrolet Corvette Supercar, GMC Yukon 4Sight, GMC Envoy Max and GMC Envoy Pet Pro show SUVs, enabling the drivers of these GM vehicles operate their wireless phones using simple voice commands.

GM recognizes the inherent consumer appeal and social merits in improving the safety, convenience and hands-free operation of drivers' phones, but needed to solve the "guessing game" of which phone to integrate into a vehicle line. The Universal Docking Station and phone-specific Pocket Adapters of the Cellport 3000 with Voice Command overcome this problem by accommodating and speech-enabling a wide variety of phones, including those from Motorola, Nokia and other popular phone makes and models. Most hands-free car kits are provided by phone manufacturers who support only their own wireless phones, making it cumbersome and costly when drivers switch to another type of phone or when drivers with different phones use the same vehicle.

"The appearance of the Cellport system in these five GM show vehicles demonstrates how the desire for safe and simple communications with the phone of your choice transcends vehicle size, application or lifestyle," said Doug Daniels, vice president of automotive for Cellport Systems. "In the short span of a year, our universal, voice-activated, hands-free technology has moved from concept to mainstream use, delivering safer and more convenient in-vehicle communications to a broad range of customers."

"After the tremendous reception the Cellport system received when it premiered in two of our concept vehicles at last year's SEMA Show, we didn't hesitate to include them in this year's roundup of next-generation concepts," said Jon Moss, manager, GM Special Vehicles Group.

Cost-Effective Solution for Drivers and Auto Makers

For drivers, the Cellport 3000 provides a practical and proven solution that accommodates their current and future wireless phones, enabling voice-activated, hands-free calls while improving their quality through state-of-the-art DSP technology to remove background noise and echoes. The Cellport 3000 with Voice Command uses speaker-independent voice recognition to reduce driver distractions, enabling drivers to use simple English phrases to operate their cell phones.

For automakers, the Cellport 3000 protects vehicle residual value by offering a universal docking station that won't become obsolete. Goldman Sachs Research statistics show that 79 percent of customers change phones every 18 months, but purchase a new vehicle only every seven years. Cellport's unique Pocket Adapters enable the Cellport 3000 to keep up with changing handsets, changing wireless technologies and changing customer preferences.

Reducing Driver Distraction

With legislation already passed in nineteen countries around the world, pending in thirty-six states, enacted in New York State and set to become law in Miami-Dade County, there is increasing interest in reducing driver distraction while using wireless phones. Most of these laws call for drivers to use a hands-free product like the Cellport 3000 system while operating a vehicle.

About Cellport Systems

Cellport Systems is a world leader in providing in-vehicle wireless communications and telematics systems. The company's products include the Cellport 3000, the industry's first universal hands-free platform and the Cellport 3000 with Voice Command. The company's substantial patent portfolio positions it to continue its leadership position in the telematics industry. The Cellport Systems Global Partners program is rapidly expanding Cellport technology around the globe through unique strategic partnerships and licensing relationships with partners in Europe, North America and Asia. Investors in Cellport Systems include AT&T Wireless Services, Cisco Systems and Omron Corporation. The company is privately held, with corporate headquarters in Boulder, Colorado and regional offices in Detroit, Michigan and Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit the Cellport Systems web site at www.cellport.com.

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