5 Off-Road Pledges for the New Year

Jan. 29, 2014 By Josh Burns

We’re nearly a month into 2014, and if you’ve made a pledge for the new year hopefully you’re still on track. To many, the new year provides an opportunity for a fresh start, the chance to focus on self-improvement, quitting bad habits, trying to be a better person, or maybe just saving more money. Whatever your resolution may be, don’t forget to include off-roading in your plans. We put together a short list of a few things off-roaders can do in the new year to enjoy the outdoors more in 2014.

Plan More Trips
Once you’re out on the trail, it’s always a good time. The problem sometimes is just trying to make the time to get there. Maybe for this year you planned on saving more. Well when it comes to getting on the trail more, much like saving, it requires planning to make it happen. Try to plan more off-road trips in advance. Mark it on the calendar, invite your friends, and get your gear in order well before the trip comes so you’re ready to enjoy your time away from home.

Include Other Activities in Your Adventures
Sure, if you plan to tackle some tougher trails then much of the weekend will be centered around making that happen. But there’s nothing wrong with planning a weekend of fun with friends and family where your off-road rig simply gets you there. Head to a local lake you’ve never been to and try kayaking, borrow some fishing poles, scout out some trails to hike – just try to enjoy a new activity outside of your off-road vehicle. It might create more excuses for quick weekend escapes. 

Dial in Your Vehicle
The biggest stumbling block to getting that new bumper, light bar or bigger tires are often finances. We all have to work within our means (especially if saving more was one of your resolutions!). But it’s important to make sure your rig is in order, and whether it be repairs or adding that one item you really wish you had on the trail on your last trip, make it simple and create a list of vehicle repairs and upgrades you’d like to do. Place them in order of importance and work toward completing the list.

Complete Your Off-Road “Kit”
Fitting a truck or Jeep with a lift, larger tires, lockers or new wheels might be the first thing many people upgrade, but it’s easy to overlook trail essentials such as recovery gear, flashlights, first aid kits, and gear for unexpected weather changes like an emergency blanket or two. Make sure you have all the proper gear in your off-road vehicle before heading out for that next trip.

Travel Somewhere You’ve Never Been
Consider this one a long-term goal, but make plans to travel somewhere you’ve never been. Maybe you’d like to chase the Baja 1000 this year, tackle the Rubicon Trail in California or attend the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. Whatever trips are on your bucket list, try to make one happen this year. It’s early in the year so you can start planning for summer trips now with research of the area, booking campgrounds or deciphering the best time to visit.

Do you have any off-road resolutions you’d add to the list? Feel free to leave your resolution or other ideas in the comment section.

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