Scorpion Snowmobiles...... Almost Here......

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Scorpion Sidewinder Scorpion Sidewinder

Scorpion Snowmobiles...... Almost Here......

By Markus

Photos By Tim

Sidewinder Seems the folks building the new Scorpion sled are on tour, displaying their new sled.

Their main mission is to establish new dealers for the upcoming season. Retail price, (there isn't a MSRP exactly as dealer sets price), will be about $12,500. There will be only one model this season, the 800cc Sidewinder. They are gearing up to build 600 units.

PSI Engine It was better put together then some of the prototypes from the "Big 4" I have seen over the years. Fit and finish was not too bad. Needs a little tweaking, but they say they are working on that. This was a totally working sled.

The motor is a PSI build-up, (base, jugs, carbs, airbox, heads, pipe), 800 twin. Has 11.8/1 compression; made to run on pump gas. Rear Suspension Has flatslide carbs. Reed cylinders. Stock is 150hp with a single pipe, but they can get 192HP in full mod form. Lots of red anodized aluminum parts.

The machine holds 12 gallons of gas and 5 quarts of oil. The headlight is 240watts out of 3 beams. Rear taillight is "LED", with no bulbs. Has maybe 30 "LED"'s; very bright.

Track Drivers It weighs 470 pounds; when you lift it, it is very light. Heat exchangers are located in the top of the tunnel only. When the rear suspension is collapsed, their is still 1-2 inches of clearance. Stock is a Kimpex track, and Comet shocks, (all the way around, multi stage). Rear suspension is similar to the Bovin, (ARC). Grease fittings on half the joints, the others have bronze, oil impregnated bushings. There is 15 inches of travel in the rear. Tiny drivers, (4 of them, maybe 6 inches in diameter), spin the track.

Clutching Direct drive, no chaincase. Wilwood brake system. The drive clutch for this season is Comet. The driven clutch is a 12.5 inch of their own design. The drive belt is a 54 inch, (super long) Goodyear; production will be Dayco.

The chassis looks very rugged; tough looking bulkhead. A-arm front suspension, (all chrome moly front end parts), similar to Cat, except the shocks are in the belly pan, connected Front Suspension with linkages. The front springs are torsion bars, (like a 73 Dodge Duster). Has actual bolts for preload, like cars. C&A or V-Track skis; customer's choice. 12 inches of travel in the front.

Full gauges; speedometer has electronic pickup on the driveshaft, (no cable). Seat/tank/hood transition was smooth. Fiberglass hood. (Plastic was too expensive; they said $250,000+ for tooling). Very small headlight cover; they call it a windshield. A larger one will be optional.

All in all a very neat sled.

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