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Nov. 01, 2005 By Kim Sanborn
Dear Readers,

Yes, summer is here. No more denying it. The flowers are blooming, the grass is growing like there's no tomorrow and it's time to clean out the pool. Most everyone is complaining (myself included) about the lack of snow & about summer in general. Are you starting your sled just to smell the exhaust? Do you have the urge to slip on your helmet before hopping up on that garden tractor? Are you surfing the web looking for some hint of snow anywhere in the world, just to dream? Do you eat/sleep/think sleds all year long? You're not alone! Here's some ideas to help make those summer days go by just a little bit faster:

Join your state/province association and volunteer. The associations usually put on/sponsor numerous summer activities (shows, grass drags, water crosses, etc.) and are always looking for volunteers to man the booths, help with public relations or lend a hand in the pits. Also, the association will probably have a few committees that could use some new ideas and "new blood". Perhaps there is a committee on safety, racing or political issues. Those committees usually meet once a month for a couple of hours. Pick anything you like about snowmobiling, and there is probably a committee (either at the local or state/province level) dedicated to that ideal.

Oh, don't give me that "deer caught in the headlights" look. Volunteering is fun, you meet a LOT of other sledheads and get to go to that special event for free. You have a perfect opportunity to talk to people about what we absolutely love: snowmobiling. Usually, you can volunteer to be at a booth for a couple of hours (certainly not the whole day). Can you spare a couple of hours? Do you like making new friends and meeting potential riding partners?

Also, join your local club. Get involved...don't be shy. Do you like to work & play in the great outdoors? You must -- you're a sledhead! The club can always use an extra hand with trail maintenance, putting up signs help with trails or assistance with getting those landowner permission forms signed. Do you have a home computer with internet access? Suggest to the club officers that a website with trail information may generate more interest and excitement in their area. Perhaps the club membership would prefer a newsletter (listing club events, trail closures, news about surrounding clubs)? Have some fun creating and organizing the membership database. Are you artistic? Maybe it's time to retire that old logo or trail map. Do you have a nice back yard and barbecue area? Throw a club party and membership drive at your place! You can dig out those old sledding vacation pictures and brag. Interested in becoming a club officer? Don't be shy -- say so, but be willing to campaign for it.

Hey, it beats sitting around watching summer re-runs on TV and complaining about the heat.

Kim Sanborn
Acting Secretary, Mascoma Valley Snow Travelers
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