I'm Happy

Mar. 01, 1999 By Dan Canfield

I know, you're thinking I'm crazy, but I have to admit that I'm happy. Sure, there are lots of issues facing us right now and lots of battles which need fighting, but after the last couple of weeks I can't help but be happy.

Two weeks ago a few of my flatland friends took me to Sault St. Marie for a long weekend of riding. I'm mountain rider born and bred, but I had a terrific time. The trails were in good to great condition, the weather was terrific, the company was spectacular... just what everyone likes to have happen. We spent 4 days in Canada and I have to admit that it was one of the best times I've had since being bitten by the snowmobile bug years ago.

This past Saturday I was back on home turf. We spent the afternoon up in some of the big country of Utah. Again, terrific weather, great conditions, no trails to ride, great company, and I was big dog on the hill... again a perfect situation.

On the way home Saturday afternoon I was tired and even a bit sore, but I had this little smile on my lips. I could help it, I was happy. Being out in the outdoors enjoying the scenery, sites, and snow makes for a wonderful attitude adjustment.

And now, as I look forward, I find myself still being happy. Lot's of rumors are flying concerning what the year 2000 machines are going to look like, but from what I've seen so far, and if even half the rumors are true, we have lots to be happy about. Mountain riders are getting new machines from Ski-Doo, Yamaha and Polaris (and hopefully Arctic Cat). Trail riders are getting a myriad of new things from "Racer" models in the Yamaha camp to EDGE inspired changes in the Polaris camp and a boat load of things in between... indeed, much to be happy about.

I hope you like what you see also. Sure, we need to be aware of the fights we have before us, but don't forget that this is a "fun" sport. If you aren't having fun it makes it hard to keep doing it and if you aren't having fun it will surely be hard to fight for it. So do yourself a favor; sit back and remember just how much fun you have snowmobiling.

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