Mike Shimmin's '84 Indy 600

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
The sled you see launching over a cornice is Mike Shimmin's 1984 Indy 600. When we posted it back in December 97, Mike promised us a new picture soon showing his new custom paint job. As you can see, it's finally here! Both Mike's Indy and his friends Arctic Cat Powder Special were painted by a buddy of theirs that specializes in custom Harley paint jobs. Mike is especially proud of his new paint and wants his fellow sledders to know if they are interested, his buddy is willing to do more sleds.

Getting back to Mike and his sled....... Indy and Cat Mike is from Salt Lake City Utah, and his Polaris has had a few modifications made to it. Besides the custom paint on the newer style hood, he has also added a one piece seat and gas tank. Mike mentioned that his sled is no slouch and he has no problems keeping up with his buddies on their newer iron. If you would like to find out more about Mike's sled, his custom paint job, or just want to swap sledding tales, E-mail him at mntsnow@aol.com. If you are in the Salt Lake area, Mike and his buddies are always looking for new riding partners. Be warned though, Mike rides 2500-3500 miles a year. In order to accumulate that kind of mileage, he does a lot of night riding during the week.......

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