Kathryn Mead's 1995 Summit 500 f/c Snowmobile

Nov. 01, 1997 By ORC STAFF

Some of you are thinking, "Big deal, a Summit with a 2-up seat and a rear rack!". Others are saying, "What?! Ski Doo never made a Summit 500 in 1995!" The story begins in the spring of '94 when Matt, (my husband), wanted a new snowmobile. He looked long and hard at the Summit line, but a couple of things were bugging him. One, the Summits were about $1,500 more than he wanted to spend. Two, even if he got past the price, the Summit line was very heavy compared to his current fan cooled Phazer longtrack. As he agonized over the '95 lineup in the Ski Doo brochure, he happened to notice the new Skandic 500 fan cooled model. The Skandic line had been very utility oriented in the past, but for '95, it had a brand new lightweight chassis, a gorgeously sculpted hood, and a new 10 inch suspension in the rear. Hmmmm, he thought...... When the sleds arrived in the fall, Matt had a brand new, shiny black Skandic 500. This seemed all well and good, but he had a real problem with image. The fact is that he was embarrassed to be seen riding a "utility" sled. Since he wanted a Summit, he decided to make one. The make-over consisted of stripping the hood clean and sending it out for a coat of green paint. He didn't bother trying to get the correct green from Ski Doo, but instead sifted through the current year automotive colors and found GM had a good match. While the paint was curring, he ordered the graphics kit for a '95 Summit 583. Even though the Summit's decals were designed for the large "whale" hood of that years sled, they fit fine on the slim Skandic Hood. At this point, the Skandic.... errr... Summit looked pretty good. The only real problem was that the dash had a big area of plastic showing where a tachometer should have been! Another trip to the Ski Doo dealer cured that.

Most of that first winter, Matt enjoyed his new fan cooled Summit. It caused some confusion at the dealership when they went out to their yard to bring it in for it's first check-up. They could never find a Skandic 500, but there was always an extra Summit...... Late in the season when it was in for a new thumb warmer, the dealer happened to show the regional Ski Doo rep Matt's machine. The rep said "Hey, that's kind of a preview for you guys. Next years Summits will all be in that chassis." After that, Matt was bummed. He still enjoyed his faux Summit, but it wasn't as unique as it had been.

Doesn't much matter anyway since this is now my machine. When we were married, he tried to pawn off his old '86 Ski Doo MX on me. Yeah, right! He may get his Skandic back yet..... depends if I like his V-Max 600 ST better.......

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