Indy Project Sled - Low-Oil Warning Light

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Low Oil Warning Sensor/Light

Cost: $35 (US)
Risks: You could destroy your oil bottle or get junk in it
Benefits: An idiot light to tell you you're an idiot
Tools Required: Sharp knife or small hole saw
Parts Required: Polaris oil warning sensor and dash light
Mechanical Skill Required: Average "shade-tree" mechanical skills

I did this mod for a silly reason - the previous owner of my sled had installed an electric face shield and installed the control box on the instrument panel between the gauges. He ran the wire through one of the warning light cutouts and when I removed the control box, I was left with a hole in my dashboard. Rather than just put one of those black plastic plugs in there, I decided to use it for something.

The old oil bottles have a spot molded in for the oil sensor, all you have to do is cut the top off that and push the oil sensor in place, it took me 5 minutes, although I already had the oil bottle off and empty - a prerequisite I highly recommend! You don't want to burn down your motor because you got plastic scraps in your oil.

If you aren't as lucky as I was and don't already have a convenient hole in your dashboard for the light, you'll have to remove one of the plugs from the pre-cut holes, which is pretty simple. Before you put the light in the hole, you'll want to run the wires thru the instrument pod and out the hole and attach them to the light. One wire will run down to the switch and one will run to a convenient ground location, which you'll have to wire yourself unless you are putting the sensor on a newer Indy that is already wired for it. In 1990, the wiring harness did not include oil sensor wires, so I had to improvise, which was really simple. 12 volts to one switch lead, the other lead connects to one lead on the light and the other light lead connects to ground. When the oil falls to a certain level, the float on the sensor trips the switch, completing the circuit, power flows to the light and you know it's time to add oil. If you have a newer Indy that did not come from the factory with a low-oil warning light, the wires you need should already be in the wiring harness and it's just a matter of looking them up in the Polaris shop manual and hooking them up. You do have the Polaris shop manual, don't you?

Doesn't add much weight but adds a lot of utility. Newsletter
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