Christine Robichaud's '88 Polaris Indy Sport

Nov. 01, 1997 By ORC STAFF
We'll let Mike, Christine's husband, tell you about it........

Here is a picture of my wife's 1988 Indy Sport. The only thing she hasn't let me change yet is the engine. The rest of it goes like this: Hood from a '94 sport, (bought for $25.00, repaired and painted by myself). Seat from a 97 Indy 500, (bought from a local dealer for $150.00). I rebuilt the engine in '96 when my wife blew it up (hee hee). Also, I raised the front of the rear suspension by one bolt hole to remedy the "nose heavy" feeling it had in powder, now it'll go just about anywhere, with no adverse affect on the overall handling of the sled! I should mention that she loves this machine as it is, but some night, I will sneak out to the garage, and replace that anemic 340, with a fresh 488fan.... Thats all for now... Newsletter
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