A.D. Boivin's Snow Hawk

A New Product - A New Market - A New Breed of Rider

Nov. 01, 2005 By Matthew Baynard
"A new generation of winter sport that offers high adrenaline and the sensations of a jet ski and a dirt bike combined". That's what Cinthia Morris, Marketing Manager from A.D. Boivin, is saying about the new 2002 Snow Hawk.. We agree, this is one unique machine that A.D. Boivin is building. We also agree with Ms. Morris when she describes a new market this snow machine has started and that it is destined to be a hit.

If you're a member of the target market of adrenaline junkies from 16 to 40 seeking that new adventure on the snow, this may be your ticket to ride. The adrenaline junkies over 25 had better be in good shape, since the Snow Hawk isn't a cruiser. It's not a snowmobile and its not a dirt bike, it's a snow bike unlike anything this sport has seen before. The upright riding position is different, but it shouldn't surprise anyone. The WSA pros started riding the race machines with more upright positions for one simple reason, you can go faster and jump longer. Standing allows the legs to take some of the punishment, and the sled can be pushed harder. The riding positions started looking more like a motocross bike than a snowmobile. The motocross guys started to venture into our sport and we'll be seeing more with the advent of this snow bike. When shown to dirt bikers, they instantly think this is my CR250 for the snow. I can ride all year now!

This is not a flash in the pan endeavor either. We've seen the Roamer, now dead and gone, and others, but the Snow Hawk is different. It's not a big slow ugly snow machine that no one wants. The Snow Hawk is a lightweight agile machine that can take more abuse than you and provide a sensory overload that no other snowmobile can.

The starting price of $8,699 US (more on this later) is not cheap and many will feel it should be priced closer to a 250cc dirt bike, but this is not a dirt bike. Dirt bikes don't have the all new Expert X rear suspension with 15" of travel. Dirt Bikes don't have a meaty 46mm Paioli inverted telescopic forks with a single 12" wide plastic. A custom made 12" x 121" Camoplast track with varied lug heights up to 2 ? " fills out the rear end. The suspension package lifts the Snow Hawk to an impressive 11" of total ground clearance. I know Woody's will have a stud solution before long too. Doug Dale is always thinking of new applications for his traction devices.

The 60hp power plant is the tried and true Rotax 500cc fan cooled engine with a pair of Mikuni VM34 round slide carburetors. Plenty of aftermarket companies will easily be able to produce go fast parts for the popular 500 Rotax. You can bet chaps that you'll be seeing 70+hp Snow Hawks before the season is over.

Brembo provides the braking power with a twin-piston caliper 34mm 175 mm disk. With a weight of only 350 pounds, the snow bike is sure to stop on demand. Brembo is known for the best in braking from race cars to motorcycles and it's no wonder that they're on the Snow Hawk.

A.D. Bovin is also providing for an optional 136" long track version for an extra $599. This option may be left off since serious high markers are going to need considerably more power than the stock 60hp. With some serious power, however, this would be one of the most unique and outrageous hill climbers.

With a price tag of $8699 USD, the Snow Hawk is more expensive than the equally amazing 2002 Yamaha Viper ER. Is one better than the other, not really since they're such different machines. The Snow Hawk is a departure from the normal snowmobile that we are accustom to. The Snow Hawk is not going to replace the standard snwomobile, but what it will do is change our sport forever. The Snow Hawk will accomplish what no other snowmobile innovation has been able to do, bring new riders to our sport. The ditch bangers and snowcross posers will have to move over now.

After looking at all the photos, studying the specifications, and drooling over it at shows. We can only say one thing, "Two thumbs up and good job A.D. Boivin"! We can't wait for the feature test of the Snow Hawk at Snowmobile Online and slicing up the woods while leaned over like a sport bike. Hmm? wonder if you can do wheelies with the Snow Hawk?. The only disadvantage with the Snow Hawk on the trails will be all the generation 'X' kids doing heel clickers as they jump 'over' you. My son has already set up his Snow Hawk shrine. He'll have to fight me for it though.

logo.gif (1728 octets)
AD Boivin Design Inc.
700 rue Jean Marchand
Levis, Quebec, Canada G6V 9G6
(418) 838-3783

Click here to find you local Snow Hawk dealer.Be prepared to walk away empty handed, with a product this hot, I'm sure the lists are starting for next year already.

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Snow Hawk Specifications

pph_shn2.jpg pph_shn3.jpg (3190 octets)
$ 8,699
$ 11,599
Type 503cc, Fan-Cooled, two Stroke, piston port
Exhaust 1 tuned pipe
Bore x Stroke / mm 72 x 61 mm
Horsepower 60 HP @ 7100 RPM
Carburetion 2 X Mikuni VM34
Drive IBC Power Block clutch
Driven IBC Formula, cam on countershaft
Dry secondary drive High efficiency Cog belt 8 mm
Front Suspension 46 mm Paioli Inverted Telescopic Fork, 12" of Travel; Adjustable Rebound/Compression Damping
Rear Suspension EXPERT? "X" AD Boivin Twin Kayaba Shock, 15" of Travel
Brake Brembo: Twin-piston caliper 34 mm 175 mm disc
Ski UHMW plastic
Track Camoplast 121" (136")** x 12"
Track lug 2.25 inches
Overall Dimensions (Lenth x Width x Height) 105 " x 32.5" x 48"
Seat Height 33.5"
Ground Clearance 11"
Fuel Capacity 4.5 US gallons (17,5 liters)
Dry Weight 350 pounds (160 kg)
Color Blue/Orange
* Price and specifications subject to change without notice
All prices shown are the Manufacturer?s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).
Dealer prices may vary. Copyright 2001 AD Boivin design Inc. All rights reserved.
** Long Track Version
    US $ 599
    CDN $ 799
All specifications, claims and information contained in this features sheet are based upon current knowledge and printed material at the time of publication.
All specifications and descriptions are subject to change without notice and A.D. Boivin assumes no responsibility for change in specifications.

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