2007 Ski-Doo MX Z X-RS


Jul. 01, 2006 By

2007 MX Z X-RS

They won't take bets against it in Vegas.

The Ski-Doo Mach Z is the most powerful snowmobile money can buy. From its sinister black design to its menacing Rotax 1000 SDI engine, everything about it says this is not a sled you want to pick a fight with. When the 170 hp engine is unleashed it leaves no doubt as to who the trail boss is. Built on the maneuverable RT chassis and shod with Pilot skis, this dominator doesn't back off a bit when it hits the switchbacks. Throw in the SC-4 rear suspension and the R.A.S. front suspension - both with high performance HPG shocks - and you get a better hole shot and razor-sharp handling at every turn.


Engine 800H.O. Power T.E.K.
600H.O. SDI
Color Blue / Yellow
Description Extreme racing special
Platform REV
Front Suspension R.A.S.
Front Shocks Racing clicker
Rear Suspension SC-4
Rear Shocks Racing cliker
Standard Features RER - Electronic Reverse
HPV Roller
Link type sway bar
New Racing clicker shock all around
Pilot 5.7 skis
Internal external driver
New 1,25" preholed rip saw track
New 440 Racing seat
Racing brake, steel braided brake line
Riser block
Acerbis handguards
New Tunnel reinforcement painted
New 440 bars and J-hooks
New Painted A-Arms
New Polycarbonate hood
New Clear tank / no fuel gauge
New Rev fixed extra low windshield

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