2007 Ski-Doo GSX Limited


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2007 GSX Limited

Just because you're refined doesn't mean you can't get rough.

You simply won't find a finer trail sled than the GSX. Everything about it is top of the line. Starting with the high performance Rotax 2-TEC engine. Choose either an 800 H.O. Power T.E.K. or 600 H.O. SDI and enjoy class leading power and responsiveness. You'll also enjoy excellent fuel economy equal to, or better than a 4-stroke engine. But at a significantly lighter weight, for better handling - and less tiring at the end of the day. The suspension is equally impressive. Featuring the R.A.S. up front for excellent bump absorption. The SC-4 rear suspension delivers a satin smooth ride and excellent responsiveness at take off and during acceleration. But it's the extras that help the GSX really pull away. Including electric start, Rotax Electronic Reverse, integrated storage bag, 12V power outlet and more. No wonder it's the most coveted sled on the trails.


Engine 800H.O. Power T.E.K.
600H.O. SDI
Deep Red / Black
Description Performance and luxury
Platform REV
Front Suspension R.A.S.
Front Shocks HPG
Rear Suspension SC-4
Rear Shocks HPG, HPG-VR
Standard Features RER - Electronic reverse
Electric Start
Pilot 5.7 skis
SC-4 rear suspension
HPG-VR rear shocks
1.0" track
Intrgrated bag on tunnel
Crystal Tec Tail light
Power outlet
Full Instrumentation
1+1 capable seat

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