2004 Arctic Cat ZR900

2004 Arctic Cat ZRs Huge Horsepower, Diamond Drive

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
ZR 900
ZR 900 EFI

Nothing exceeds like excess, and no sled exudes overflowing power like the 150-hp ZR 900. This year, the biggest twin in snowmobiling gets a new technology exclusive to Arctic Cat: ACT Diamond Drive. That=s right, no more jackshaft and chaincase, replaced instead by a planetary gear system that knocks 11 pounds from the drive system. What's more, the big ZR is now available with batteryless EFI or carbs.  


Riders who demand the long power of a 900 twin know the burly ZR has no equal when it comes to brute force, and one taste of the APV-equipped 150-hp twin is all it takes to produce addiction. Now with the easy throttle pull and starting of batteryless EFI as an option, the big twin can satisfy the stock riders and those inclined to modification. But it's the new ACT Diamond Drive that steals the show for 2004.  

Long the Holy Grail of snowmobile drive system development, Diamond Drive has finally arrived in the form of a planetary gear system linking the new ACT rollercam driven clutch and the massive steel driveshaft. With the traditional chaincase gone (along with 11 pounds, thank you), the brake rotor has moved to the driveshaft (mounted inside the bellypan), where a'massive, dual-piston hydraulic caliper provides one finger brake performance.  

In addition to the significant weight loss (bringing total machine weight to 506 pounds) ACT Diamond Drive enables a 25-percent wider ratio than traditional systems, enabling riders to gear lower than sleds equipped with a chaincase. On the ZR 900, this translates into significantly quicker low-end acceleration, a fact that will leave the competition far behind.    

The big ZR is available in two packages for 2004.The Standard package features

ACT gas shocks calibrated for medium pace trail riding, while the Sno Pro package offers remote reservoir Aclicker@ shocks calibrated for hardcore ditch bangers. Riders can also choose either black/green or black/red color combinations. 

ZR Feature Highlights  

ACT Diamond Drive System (NEW)
- 11 lbs. lighter than chain and sprocket design.
- Planetary gear design B no chain, no sprockets.
- Eliminates driven shaft.
- Brake now located on drive shaft.
- 25% wider ratio than present drive system. (clutches).
-Ability to gear at lower ratios than chaincase.

900 EFI Engine Package (NEW)
The new 900 EFI motor now joins the 150 hp 900 carb version.



SnoPro Handlebars
Designed after race model. Fully adjustable, improved ergonomics, and curved ends.

  Race-Inspired, wide running boards
Wider, more rigid running boards provide better footing on the new ZRs whatever the riding conditions.

Batteryless Electronic Fuel Injection (BEFI)
For easy starts B guaranteed on the second pull B plus breathtaking performance, smooth idling no matter how high or low the temperature and altitude, plus an ultra-light throttle pull to reduce thumb fatigue.
Coupled Rear 

Effectively reduces both unwanted ski-lift under acceleration for improved handling.

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