The Luxury You Deserve, Performance You Crave - T660 Turbo Touring

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

The Luxury You Deserve, Performance You Crave - T660 Turbo Touring

T660 Turbo Touring
T660 Touring

For those who prefer the smooth,
quiet power offered by a four-stroke, Arctic Cat offers a great new option in 2004 Turbo.

Thanks to a turbo charging system, Arctic Cat more than doubled the effective horsepower of the 660 C-TECH 4 EFI triple from 53-hp to 110-hp, finding the sweet spot for engine performance that many riders have demanded. With acceleration and top speed numbers that match most 600cc two-stroke engines, the T660 Turbo Touring now delivers all the great features of a 4-stroke quiet operation, low emissions, excellent mileage and durability with the get-up-and-go that snowmobilers crave.

The T660 Turbo Touring and the T660 Touring both receive new hood styling for 2004, including the twin halogen Cat eye headlights made famous by the Firecats and raised-chrome lettering on the rich platinum hoods.

Two-up touring riders can opt for the T660 Turbo Touring or the naturally aspirated T660 Touring. Both get the coupled FasTrack Long Travel rear suspension; new dual-runner plastic skis and 43-inch stance for easy, stable steering; wide running boards (with improved passenger footrests); redesigned seat (with removable passenger seat) and rubber cushioned quiet clutch.

These 2-up machines also feature the exclusive fiberglass overload springs on the rear suspension for quick-calibration from one or two riders, a comfortable 136-inch long track, electric start, reverse, windshield-mounted mirrors and electric fuel gauge.

T660 Turbo Touring/T660 Touring Feature

Turbocharger (NEW)
Turbocharged 660cc liquid-cooled C TECH 4 with electronic fuel injection and 110 hp. Performance is equal or better than 600cc 2-stroke machines.

Digital / Analog Speedometer (NEW)
The integrated tach and speedometer reads digital and analog. Push a button to change from digital to analog.

Hood Design (NEW)
New hood design on AWS chassis to accommodate turbo function.

Redesigned Passenger Footrests (NEW)
Improve grip and strengthen running boards.

Redesigned Seat (NEW)
Thicker vinyl. Better look, feel, and grip.

Rubber Cushioned Quiet Clutch

Torsion Springs (NEW)
Addition of square wire torsion springs (like Firecat).

Dual Runner Plastic Skis (NEW)
Less darting.

Coupled Rear Suspension
Effectively reduces unwanted ski-lift under acceleration for improved handling.

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