Nov. 01, 2004 By ORC STAFF

Performance, Comfort and Convenience - One Sled. The All New Sabercat.

Sabercat 500
Sabercat 500 LX
Sabercat 600
Sabercat 600 LX
Sabercat 600 EFI
Sabercat 600 EFI LX
Sabercat 600 EFI EXT
Sabercat 700 EFI
Sabercat 700 EFI LX
Sabercat 700 EFI EXT

Sabercat. An all-new name that represents a whole new era in trail performance snowmobiles. Built on the same lightweight chassis as the Firecat, it's performance will go unmatched. Next add the convenience of electric start, reverse, mirrors and a handy rear storage compartment plus the comfort that comes from a slightly softer suspension calibration and larger windshield and you have the ultimate in trail performance - the Sabercat from Arctic Cat.

Ten different Sabercat models are available for 2004 in 500, 600 and 700cc displacements, replacing the venerable ZL line with improved performance, comfort and handling. The Sabercat 500 utilizes a torque-tuned 500 twin (without the APV electronic exhaust valves and EPTS pipe sensors used on the F5 Firecat mill) that produces 80-hp (compared to 105-hp of the Firecat), solid performance and excellent fuel economy. The Sabercat 600 delivers 118 hp and is available with either BEFI or carbs and the 140-hp Sabercat 700 is available with BEFI.

All Sabercats feature the AWS VI double-wishbone front suspension with Ryde FX shocks and the coupled FasTrack Long Travel rear suspension with an all-new ACT Position Sensitive gas rear shock (and a ACT front shock), each calibrated softer than the Firecat models to emphasize comfort rather than ditch-banging performance.


The new Position Sensitive shock automatically adjust compression dampening based on where the suspension is in its range of travel. It's soft when it needs to be, getting progressively more firm the further the suspension compresses. Fully adjustable handlebars (with slightly curved ends), digital/analog speedometer/tachometer, plastic skis and hydraulic disc brake give the Sabercats the same great ergonomics as the award-winning Firecats.

Three different packages are available for the Sabercat 600 and 700:
Standard, LX (featuring remote electric start, reverse and windshield-mounted mirrors) and EXT (all the goodies in the LX package coupled with a 144-inch track for both trail and deep snow). The Sabercat 500 comes in either Standard or LX (no mirrors) versions. All Sabercats come in either green/black or red/black color combinations.

Sabercat Models Feature Highlights

Position Sensitive Shocks (NEW)
Automatically adjusts compression dampening based on where the suspension is in its range of travel. It's soft when it needs to be, getting progressively more firm the further the suspension compresses.

Batteryless Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI models)
For easy starts B guaranteed on the second pull B plus breathtaking performance, smooth idling no matter how high or low the temperature and altitude, plus an ultra-light throttle pull to reduce thumb fatigue.

500 Powerplant (NEW)
499cc non-APV engine. (80 hp)

Remote Electric Start (Available on LX and EXT packages)
With just the push of a button, your sled will start itself. This gives you the convenience of starting your sled from the comfort of the indoors. When you're ready, walk out the door to a fully warmed-up sled.

ACT AQuiet@ Track (NEW)
New track feature located on the inside of the track designed to reduce track noise and vibration.

Removable Rear Storage Compartment (NEW)
A sleek, roomy touring pack fits behind the seat of all Sabercats. It's easily removed so you can take it wherever you go.

Air-Forced Induction
Innovative patented design that delivers massive amounts of cold, clean air to the fuel system for improved combustion.


AWS VI Front Suspension
Arctic Cat has been refining this exclusive wishbone suspension technology since the 1980s.

EXT Package (Available for 600 / 700cc Sabercats) (NEW)
144 x 1.25-inch track perfect for both trail riding and deep snow excursions.

Box Construction Engine Compartment
The engine compartment is lightweight and an extremely rigid aluminum box construction instead of the traditional bulkhead. It allows the engine to be mounted lower in the chassis.

Laydown Engine Design
The Sabercat's engine rides low to centralize the mass of the sled for better handling and ride characteristics.

Digital / Analog Speedometer
The integrated tach and speedometer reads digital and analog. Push a button to change from digital to analog.

Integrated Heat Exchanger and Running Boards
Save weight, add rigidity, and free the running boards of ice.


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