Panteras and Panthers - Five Ultimate Tour Guides for '04

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Pantera 800 EFI
Pantera 600 EFI
Pantera 550
Panther 570
Panther 370

When it comes to versatility, Arctic Cat Pantera and Panther snowmobiles have earned a best-in-class reputation for both 2-up and solo riding comfort and performance. Big improvements and a new model underline what's new for '04.

  In the Luxury Touring category, the Pantera 800 EFI, Pantera 600 EFI and Pantera 550 set the standard for comfort features. This year, remote electric start comes standard on the 600 and 800, which are available in a new gold color or traditional black.

The Pantera 550 gets a 43-inch 
ski stance and is available in black. All Pantera models get new passenger footrests (with more grip), redesigned seat, detachable passenger seat, 136-inch track with fiberglass overload springs in the FasTrack Long Travel rear suspension (now with coupling blocks), AWS V front suspension, Ryde FX shocks at both ends, reverse and windshield-mounted mirrors.

The value-oriented Panther 370 and Panther 570 deliver solid, fan-cooled engine performance with great handling. The AWS V front suspension and FasTrack Long Travel rear (with Ryde FX shocks and fiberglass overload springs) are matched with standard reverse and electric start (optional on the 370), redesigned seat and passenger footrests, hydraulic disc brake, coupled rear suspension (570 only) and plastic skis.

Touring Models Feature Highlights  

Redesigned Seat (NEW)

Thicker vinyl. Better look, feel, and grip.

Coupled Rear Suspension (Panteras, Panther 570) (NEW)
Effectively reduces unwanted ski-lift under acceleration for improved handling.

New Passenger Footrests (NEW)
Improve grip and strengthen running boards.
Torsion Springs (NEW)
Addition of square wire torsion springs (like Firecat).
Remote Electric Start (Pantera 
600 EFI and 800 EFI)

Starts your snowmobile from the convenience of the indoors. Warms your engine & hand warmers to operating temperature. Motion sensor, drive-away prevention, hood open prevention.

Detachable 2-passenger Rear Seat (Panteras)
Pull out the detachable 2-passenger seat for extra storage or luggage. Leave it on for ultra-comfortable 2-passenger riding.

Wrap-Around Rear Racks
Provides extra security for the load and great tie-down capabilities.

Windshield Mounted Mirrors (Panteras, Panther 570)
No-compromise positioning in the natural line of view with driver. Practically eliminates vibration.

Batteryless Electronic Fuel Injection (BEFI) (800 EFI / 600 EFI)
Less weight and less maintenance. Automatically compensates for temperature and altitude changes.

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