Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Arctic Cat Adds New Workhorse to Sport Utility Line

Bearcat WideTrack
Bearcat 570

The Sport Utility class by Arctic Cat is known for providing a unique machine for a unique individual. Individuals who view their snowmobiles as a tool, not a toy.

For 2004, a new fan-cooled Bearcat 570 joins the updated Bearcat WideTrack. The new 570 delivers solid engine performance with a 16 x 156 x 1.0-inch track (20 x 156 x 1.0-inch on the WideTrack) for excellent deep snow flotation and high-mountain handlebars for improved handling.

Both Bearcat models now get adjustable ski stance. The 4-stroke powered Bearcat WideTrack sees the addition of dual-runner skis, rubber cushioned A quiet@ clutch to improve rideability. Returning is the Bearcat's clean, quiet, fuel efficient four-stroke engine. The C-Tech 4 engine provides a robust 53 horsepower and achieves a whopping 24 mpg., making it an ideal towing rig.

Both Bearcats receive Arctic Cat's exclusive detachable 2-passenger seat providing additional storage or simply a comfortable place to sit while ice-fishing.

For convenience, both models will come standard with reverse, high windshield, rack/hitch.

Sport Utility Feature Highlights

Bearcat 570
16x156x1.00-inch track
Adjustable ski-stance (39, 40, 41)
Tall handlebars (from Mountain Cat)
Removable rear seat and backrest
Wide running boards
Wide ratio clutches
Wrap around rear racks

Bearcat WideTrack
Adjustable ski-stance (38, 39, 40)
Heavy duty pintle type hitch and latch
Dual runners
1-inch lugs (versus 1.25 in 2003)
Rubber cushioned Aquiet@ clutch
Removable rear seat and backrest
Wrap around rear racks

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