Blair Morgan Injury Update

Sep. 23, 2008 By Press Release
Blair Morgan has been a vital member of the Blackfoot motocross team in Canada for six years, becoming a hero and role model for scores of Canadian and international motocross and snocross enthusiasts. I have been asked by Blackfoot to forward this update to the moto and snow media. We received the following update from Blair Morgan's wife, Terri, letting us know what his condition is. - dan

Blair Morgan September 22, 2008

As most of you know Blair has suffered a substantial injury due to a crash while practicing for Montreal Supercross at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

During Saturday afternoon practice in Montreal, Blair sustained substantial injuries to his middle back. A surgery was performed and went well, however it was soon discovered that as a result of the vertebrae separating from each other on impact, Blair’s spinal cord was severed, leaving him with paralysis from his middle back down. He was taken off the ventilator soon after surgery and has been progressing well since. This afternoon (September 22, 2008) he was moved out of ICU to the orthopaedic floor and arrangements are now being made for his transfer closer to home. He is resting now and he is focused on recovering and working closely with the physiotherapists. I know as most of you do as well, Blair is a fighter and this incidence will not keep him down for long.

Special thanks to everyone for their well wishes, just so you know there are so many people rooting for Blair and we really appreciate it so much.

Please feel free to e-mail your questions and well wishes to Blair at:
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