Kevin Michaluk's '97 Ski Doo MXZ 670

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF


Since Kevin is the best person to describe his modified Ski Doo, we'll let him.......

Well, I'm from Gimli, Manitoba, Canada, and I wear Yellow underwear. Ski-Doo faithful 100%. On word that the new XC 700s were going to be fairly fast, I wanted to make sure they wouldn't be passing me, so I made some mods:

1. Formula Fast Racing's Twin Eliminator Pipes
Picture 2. K & N Filters
3. Different gearing (secret combination)
4. Different clutching (secret combination)
5. SLP Ultralite Skis
6. Full gauges
7. hooks on the bars.
8. Black bellypan and yellow MXZ-X crashpad (for looks!)

Picture The sled has proven it's worth thus far; it not only out runs the XCs, but it'll take any stock Polaris Storm out there. It has no problems taking the ZRT 800s in 1250ft, and hold it's own against other modifieds too. I enjoy beating sleds that are 130 ccs bigger! Picture The twin pipes sound great too. For '99, I'm waiting for PSI to release their 925cc big bore 670 kit; it is supposed to produce upwards of 200 reliable horsepower. Newsletter
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