Ken Parker's '98 Arctic Cat ZR 600

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

 In May, Ken sent us these three pictures of his sled in action. Climbing!






Ken's ZR In Action!

Cats & Dogs!

Ken recently sent us this picture in April and wrote:

The weather has warmed up a bit and now everyone wants to ride the sled, including my dog Maryjane!

A True Arctic Cat Ken previously wrote:

My name is Ken Parker. I live in Iqaluit, (located in the Canadian arctic), so I have picked a sled that would suit the location; a '98 Arctic Cat ZR600. Mod's include pipes, studs, Cobra windshield, light lens, and most important, a coolant heater for those cold (-30C to -50C) days.

I don't think I could have done better. This sled zips all over this arctic wonderland without hesitation.

Note the extension cord that keeps her warm.

Gotta Keep 'Em Warm Sorry for the fuzzy pic. I guess my camera doesn't like the cold. Newsletter
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