Tom Avery's Polaris Ultra SP

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Project Ultra Tom is one of our regular contributors (Tom's Bio), and as you can see he likes to work on his own sled. He calls this "Project Ultra", and he has spent some time and effort on getting it just the way he wants it. Check it out.

Project Ultra started with a 96 Ultra SP. First order of business was to add SLP pipes, SLP plastic skis, SLP airbox, studs, and Dial-a-jet. As many are aware, the tuning on the first year Ultras was difficult at best. With minimal snow conditions in Cleveland, what time I was able to get on the snow was spent mostly riding. In 1997, Polaris upgraded the Ultras with a number of enhancements, some of which were retrofitted to the '96s, but not all. I talked my local dealer into taking part of my '96 on trade for a 97, plus $1000. I kept the studded track, clutches, and carbs. I ended up the CRC front end, which is remarkably different, and I got another two year warranty on the motor. The track is studded with 48 Wedges, and 144 1+" picks.Triple EGT's In '97 I added a set of SLP billet heads, and had both clutches trued and balanced. I run a set of triple EGT gages and probes. In '98 I added a hood bag, and dumped the dial-a-jet. I also run Hiperfax, and a Thunder Shift Kit. It has V-Force reeds as well. I'm often playing around with the clutching and jetting trying different combos. The sled pulls strong all the way up over 100 mph. It's seen 117 and still climbing on the speedo.

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