Rob Hill's '88 Polaris 650 (and '79 Ski Doo Blizzard)

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Polaris 650 Rob Hill from Baysville Ontario, sent this information along with his pictures:

My Polaris started out as a F-III oval racer with its original (as far as I can tell) owner. As I recall, it achieved limited success on the track. The story gets better after my friend Brian bought it and tried dragging it on ice. He started out with limited success, and after trying every trick in his mechanic's arsenal, he got fed up and sent the motor to Rob Schooping at Hot-To-Go Racing and gave him "carte blanche".

The results were remarkable to say the least. HTG installed their cylinders, cut the heads, bored the carbs to 39.5, installed custom hand-made pipes and cc'd the heads as well. Modified Mill The work didn't stop there. The crank was welded and the crankcase ported at Litner & Bush, and Brian did an alignment on both front and rear suspensions. The sled dyno'd at 165 hp, and with Brian's son Mark driving, won the COSDRA Points Championship (on ice) in the 700 & 800 improved stock class for 96/97.

The sled sat in Brian's garage for a couple of seasons after that and then I purchased it from him last Winter. The first time I took it down the track it cooked a piston, so a buddy and I tore it down and put a fresh (40 thou over) Wiseco top end in it along with some serious jetting changes and a set of K&N filters. We then proceeded to kick some serious butt in several outlaw and sanctioned races(on ice and dirt).

Ready To Race I have recently converted it to a lake racer/radar sled and it's presently geared for 140 mph. (25/35 gears at 9800 rpm) It was clocked at 105 mph in 660ft once when Brian owned it, and I was radared last year at 70 mph in 200ft. I have been told it's probably pumping out 170+ hp since I made a few mods (classified) in preparation for this Winter's competition. This sled runs on VP C-14 race gas and Klotz R-50 oil only.

Old Blizzard My other toy, a '79 Ski Doo Blizzard 9500 Plus, has just been restored after being stolen and then recovered in pieces. After putting it back together, I installed a new Camoplast track with 58 ?" chisels and 58 ?" picks, rebuilt the engine (20 thou over Wisecos), and did some other mods (classified). I also made a few cosmetic improvements, and installed a HPG shock and Everest springs to improve the ride. It's geared for 87 mph at 8500 rpm. The gears are 19/38, but I plan to change them to bring it up to approx 95 mph. This sled runs on avgas and Klotz oil. Newsletter
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