Billy Stannard's 97 ZL 440 Mountain Cat

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Mtn Cat Billy writes:

I'm Billy Stannard, and this is my 1997 ZL 440 Mountain Cat, with a 2" paddle track. This snowmachine is undoubtedly one of the best snowmachines I have ridden. The trail riding is good with it, because it turns easy and rides smooth. When we go mountain climbing, I can beat almost any other 440 out there, including my friend's '97 ZR 440. A (green) mountain bar, a (green) Billy Stannard windshield bag and a handlebar bag (also green!) grace my sled. I have since added a custom rack, (green too of course), made by my dad, and a cobra windshield, (black checkered flags).

Happy Trails!

Billy is from Wasilla, Alaska and rides around Talkeetna and Petersville, Alaska. Newsletter
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