Dez VanAssche's '94 Summit 670

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Mod Summit Chris Fadden sent us the following information:

Dez VanAssche is a long time friend and president of our local snowmobile club, The Cascade Driftskippers, out of Redmond Washington.

His sled started out as a '94 670 Summit. He then added what most refer to as a hill climb tunnel, followed by a light weight front suspension with extra travel Fox gas shocks, a 2.5" extended and rolled chaincase, and a Ski-Doo 10" travel MX-Z rear suspension on extended rails, (for his 141" 2" Camoplast track). The HAC system was thrown overboard, the carbs were bored to 44mm, larger rotary valves from a Mach were installed, plus shorty intakes and Uni-Filters. Serious Air! The head was milled, pipes were added, and Polaris clutches were installed for easier tuning.

Some of you may recognize this picture on the right. It was featured on the cover of the Washington State Snowmobile Association SNOWFLYER, Expo edition.

Dez mainly rides the Cascades of Washington, with the exception of a trip or two out of state to MT or ID.

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