Jennifer Krzan's '96 Arctic Cat 580 EXT Powder Special

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Powder SpecialPolaris We have previously featured Rob Krzan's sled in this section, and now Jennifer, Rob's wife, wants her turn. Seems more than fair since she does most of the wrenching on her machine!

Jennifer is from Silver Bow, Montana and she rides the mountains in the southwest part of the state. She can frequently be spotted in the town of Wise River, but also likes to ride Jackson, Wisdom, Anaconda, and Cooke City. Now This Cat Is Buried!

Jennifer is very proud of her sled's custom paint and wants to thank her brother, Dan Waldemar, for spraying it. If you would like to find out more about Dan's custom painting, E-mail him at

Cat Eye Jennifer wanted us to pass along a couple of web page addresses to her fellow sledders as well. First, as secretary for the Wise River Jackpine Savage's Snowmobile Club, she encourages you to check out their web page at Second, she and Rob are putting together a page of their own at and ask you check it out too. Newsletter
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