Indy Project Sled Description

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

The sled I began with is one that everyone who's been in the sport more than 10 minutes has seen, a 1990 Indy 500. Mine was an SKS, which the last I heard was the #1 all-time best selling sled. Not sure that's still true, but there were a whole bunch of Indy 500 SKSs on the trails and in the mountains. There were a lot of them built and sold for a reason - they were great snowmobiles. Never the fastest on the snow, but always one of the best handling, with good looks and plenty of quickness for trail riding.

I purchased the sled wrecked, owner #2, a personal friend of owner #1 ran it into a tree at about 45 MPH on his very first ride. Most of the damage was caused by the rider's helmet smashing against the instrument pod, which must have scrambled his brain even worse than it did the pod because I hear he stopped at the dealer on his way home and ordered a Storm. Guess he figured he didn't hit the tree hard enough.

I fixed the sled on a shoestring budget, repaired the hood using the Three Bond kit and painted it myself. The only parts I had to purchase were the instrument pod and a new front bumper.

I rode it essentially stock (no, not "Doug Miller stock") for several seasons, but it was always my backup sled. It handled great, especially after the installation of the Polaris Sno-Cross IFS kit (detailed below) but the ride quality on rough trails left a lot to be desired. My '92 EXT SP performed much better in rough conditions, although it did not corner nearly as well and despite a more powerful engine, didn't seem to be as quick off the line.

So in '96, I decided to put an XTRA-10 rear suspension in the sled. That was the extent of my plan, just put that suspension in it and ride. Didn't quite turn out that way, in fact, it turned into this section of the website.

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