Julien Constans' '97 Ski Doo 440 MXZx (and his dad's '93 Yamaha V-Max 4)

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Julien's MXZx Julien Constans writes:

Snowmobiling lovers, hello!

I'm Julien Constans and I really wanted to send my...our sleds, (mine and my dad's).

We arrived in Montreal last August, and Santa (this big bellied red guy is REALLY cool) brought us two sleds:

- A '97 Ski Doo 440 MXZx. That's my sled. They say it's been prepared to reach 100 hp... I think it's true but I still haven't been able to check top speed. (Can't get the speedo to work properly). But what's great is not the engine, but the chassis...it's fantastic. The handlebar is 2 inches higher, it turns effortless...it feels so light...really cool. But I still haven't tried much mad things on it since a friend met a tree. (Check the pic...ooops). We're still repairing it.

Whoops! - A '93 Yamaha V-Max 4 750. My dad's. This is the opposite of my sled...the chassis feels atrociously heavy, the steering is so hard; rear suspension, reaches its limits very quickly...but this is a V-Max... Remember the original VMax bike in '86? An engine, monstrous look...and poor handling and braking... The sled is in that V-Max tradition; an atomic engine, the rest simply doesn't matter. The sound is terrific, and past 5000 revs, your arms get 2 inches longer...it's mad (I reached 140km/h on a quite bumpy lake..)

Dad's V-Max 4We have done maybe 1000 km this winter around Ste Agathe. Now that I'm feeling much more confident, I hope snow will fall very early, so I can get some big air, (just like I do on my MX bike), with powder landings.

That's it, snowmobiling is the most fantastic thing I have ever done...and I can't see how I could stop..it's just too cool, too fun , too fast... Playing In A Field I just want every body to know, that Santa, (hey, I'm 17 and no fool, I know it's my parents), bought us these two paradise-escape machines, and that it's the best thing in the world.

Julien also mentioned he and his dad are considering putting a 10" Polaris rear suspension in the V-Max after fixing the MXZx. That would go a long way to improve the ride on that rocket. Family Affair

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