Trevor Gaines's '98 Mini-Z

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Trevor Gaines is a lucky kid as he owns one of the few Ski Doo Mini-Zs built for '98. He is a Ski Doo man all the way, which isn't surprising since his mom and dad ride 440 and 670 MXZs respectively. Trevor is from Walla Walla Washington, and he and his family ride in the Blue Mountains of northeastern Oregon. If you see Trevor on the trail, be leery of accepting a drag racing challenge from him. His little Z can fly as was proven at a recent Tollgate Trailfinders radar run where Trevor clocked in with a scorching top speed of 9.08 mph!

Editor's Note: We received a follow-up E-mail from Trevor's dad Brian. Brian wanted us to allow him to thank Grant Hudson and Nixon's Marine in Walla Walla. It seems that Nixon's Marine treats their customers right and Grant Hudson will go to the mountains with them to set up their new sleds to perfection. That sounds like customer satisfaction! Newsletter
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