Jim Voegele's Indy

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

A Pair Of Indys Jim Voegele writes:

Here's a picture of my Indy 400 that I built from scratch. I started with an '85 bulkhead and new tunnel, and then installed a 400 motor that was bored to a 440. The jackshaft, driveshaft, chaincase w/liquid cooled brake, and rear suspension came from a wrecked '94 Storm. I added a new track, Rudolph's front suspension and SLP skis. Then I added a new hood, bellypan, related body parts, and '89 650 decals. I put a'91 XCR seat on ended up with a new/used sled for under $ 2500.

P.S. In the background is my best friend Jim Mitchell's '91 500 into which we installed Wiseco pistons along with some other engine mods. We then added a late model one piece seat, a deep lug track, '89 500 decals along with many hours of tunnel polishing.

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