Cale Rockey's '98 Arctic Cat Snowpro

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Snopro  16 year old Cale Rockey from Carman, Manitoba sent this note along with his picture: 

I rode this '98 Snopro most of last winter. It is an awesome trail sled as well as a racer. It would run with our MXZ 600 and easily leave it behind on the bumps. It's also my dad's favorite sled out of the pile he has had. We sold the Doo to keep the ZR! (I like the XC too, but its like riding a brick after the ZR! We are hoping to find a 99 for this winter.) 

This picture was taken with my dad in NW Ontario, while we were riding the Lake of the Woods; an endless maze!! Newsletter
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