Brian Janisieski's Ski Doo Formula 500

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Off The Line! Brian sent us this message along with his pictures:

  Here are a couple of pictures of my Formula SLS. It is stock except for filters, clutching, jets, and suspension height. The sled runs 500 feet in 6.6 seconds @ 80 mph.

In the next year this sled is going to change; the motor will be coming out and getting a little work done to it. Planned is a carb bore, porting, head machining and higher compression domes, with twin pipes.

Ski Doo In race form it will run in Improved Stock 500, 600, and Pro Stock 500. HP is expected to be 120, and it should run 5.9 seconds at 85 mph in 500 feet.


When Brian isn't racing his sled, you can find him riding in western MA and mid state Vermont.

If you are interested in Ski Doo clutching info, or you are considering getting some engine work done, drop Brian an E-mail at, or visit his A2Z Racing website. Newsletter
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