Yamaha Sleds Win at Hasting, Michigan Grass Drag Event

Oct. 22, 2007 By Press Release

Yamaha snowmobile driver Jim Jones continued his winning ways by remaining undefeated in the Stock 600 class after posting his fifth and sixth consecutive class wins aboard his Hauck Powersports Apex in at the COSDRA grass drag event in Hastings, Mich. on Oct. 13-14. What’s more, Jones won a total of five pro events over the doubleheader weekend as Semi Pro driver June Deleval also claimed a pair of victories aboard her “Me and the Boys Racing” team Apex. Then Jones and Deleval, along with Ashley and Steve Agdorny, Jordan Cole, Brian Echo and Rocky Miller, all contributed additional podium finishes for Yamaha FX Nytro, Apex and Nytro sleds.

yamahaStaged in a nice local fairgrounds, the 500-foot grass track featured an excellent clay launch pad and plenty of viewing areas for the large enthusiastic crowd – while free Yamaha demo drives and pleasantly cool weather on Saturday made things even better. Jones started off the victory parade for Yamaha by winning the 600S final on his new 2008 FX Nytro. He then led a commanding 1-2-3 Yamaha Apex sweep of Stock 600 ahead of Cole and Steve Agdorny, and Deleval added an Apex victory of her own by taking Semi Pro Stock 600.

Despite rainy conditions on Sunday, Jones added three more wins to his amazing record for the year, including victories in Stock 500 on his 2007 Nytro, 600S aboard his new FX Nytro, and Stock 600 on his powerful Apex – while Delaval took a repeat win in Semi Pro Stock 600 on her Apex. Jones’ very last run, aboard his Nytro in Stock 500, showcased his racing talent as he posted a reaction time of .403 sec. – just three thousandths behind a perfect .400 time. “I won today because of the setup work that my boss Pat Hauck does on the sleds,” Jones said modestly. “That and the Yamaha 4-stroke sleds themselves – they are so durable and so consistent that we never have to rebuild them. We just race them all year and they never break. They just win.”


  • Stock 600
  • 1st     JIMMY JONES Yamaha Apex

    2nd     JOE ORENGIA

    3rd     STEVE AGDORNY Yamaha Apex

    Stock 600S

    1st     JIMMY JONES Yamaha FXNytro

    2nd     JOE ORENGIA 

    3rd     ANDY BABCOCK


  • Stock 500
  • 1st     BRENT ANTKOWIAK   

    2nd     BRYAN ECKEL Yamaha RSNytro 

    3rd     JIMMY JONES Yamaha RSNytro


    1st     JUNE DELVEAUX Yamaha Apex


  • Stock 600
  • 1st     JIMMY JONES Yamaha Apex

    2nd     JOE ORENGIA

    3rd     BRYAN ECKEL Yamaha Apex


  • Stock 600S
  • 1st     JIMMY JONES Yamaha FXNytro

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