The Arctic Cat Family of Zs - First in Value

Nov. 01, 2003 By

Z 570
Z 570 LX
Z 440 LX
Z 370
Z 370 LX

When performance and value are the yardsticks by which you measure a snowmobile, the Arctic Cat Z model line leads them all. With lightweight fan-cooled engines that deliver sporty, economical power matched by the excellent handling and comfort of the AWS V double-wishbone front and FasTrack Long Travel rear suspensions, the Z line has carved a niche with riders who prefer a lot of sled for little money. This year you can get a Z in either green/black or red/black.

Features gracing the Z sleds are top-shelf. Blow-molded plastic skis, adjustable footholds, 12-gallon fuel tank, hydraulic disc brake (on 570s), 3-bulb halogen headlight, hand/thumb warmers and speedometer come standard.

Leading the pack is the 70-hp Z 570 and Z 570 LX, the latter offering electric start, reverse and windshield-mounted mirrors for added comfort. Likewise, the Z 440 LX and Z 370 LX also come standard with electric start, reverse and mirrors. The Z 370 joins them.

Two of the Z's come equipped with the industry's most powerful fan-cooled twin. They are the Z 570 and Z 570 esr with electric start and reverse that makes trailering and maneuvering in tight spots a breeze. The 565cc twin with with dual carbs produces 70 horsepower to tackle the trails while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency. Both 570s will come with hydraulic disc brakes in >03 for a light and easy pull, dependable time and time again.

For affordable winter fun for the entire family, look to the line of Zs from Arctic Cat.

Z Models B Feature Highlights

570 Fan-Cooled Twin
Industry largest. 565cc twin cylinder, piston port with reed assist. 70 hp. Digital ignition. Twin 34mm carbs.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes (Z 570 / Z570 LX)
Best performing brake currently on the market. Light, easy pull. Dependable and race proven.

LX (electric start / reverse / mirrors)
Makes trailering and maneuvering in tight spots easy for the family. Easy starts for the whole family.

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