Polaris to Offer 2"x143.5" Track Kit

Nov. 01, 1999 By ORC STAFF

Polaris has given dealers some initial details on a "long track" kit available for 2000. Yamaha is offering a 2"x141" track on their mountain sleds for 2000 and Ski-Doo is offering the Summit Extreme Traction with a 2/1.75"x151" track. Now Polaris has announced that RMK riders will be able to purchase a kit which will include a 2"x143.5" track.

Exact pattern and track stiffness is not yet known, but we do know that the new track repeats its pattern every 7.5 inches which is why it falls in the 143.5" length.

Dealers were notified that the kit, part number 2872592, will include the track, new rails, and all neccessary hardware. We're not sure if the "neccessary hardware" includes a new tunnel extension or if the new track will fit without having to change the tunnel extension. The kit will retail for $750 and the dealers we talked with have been adding them to their snowmobile stock orders.

As we saw in our First Ride of the 800RMK it was obvious that at the very least the big RMK needs more track than the 1.75"x136". With retail pricing of this track kit at $750, we expect to see dealers charging in the $900 range for it installed. We're glad to see the new track option, but disappointed that it isn't at least a factory installed item on the 800.



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