Polaris Hillclimbers Display "Terrain Domination" As They Zero In On RMSHA Championships

Apr. 12, 2010 By Press Release
MEDINA, MN (April 12, 2010) – The Terrain Domination of Polaris snowmobiles extends to the steep slopes of the Rocky Mountains, where Polaris hillclimbers have won numerous class titles at recent Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Assn. (RMSHA) events and are positioned to clinch several season points titles at the circuit’s final event.

Leading the way is Keith Curtis of Dillon, Montana, a perennial contender for top hillclimber honors. With one event remaining on the schedule, Curtis is the points leader in these RMSHA classes: Pro 700 Stock, Pro 800 Stock, Pro 1000 Stock and Pro 800 Modified.

Erin Beukelman of Nampa, Idaho, has the points lead in Pro 700 Improved Stock and Pro 700 Modified, while Cole Willford of Fruita, Colorado, is the leader in Pro 600 Modified points, and Polaris snocross star Shaun Crapo of St. Anthony, Idaho, is atop the New Member Improved standings.

The hillclimbers wrap up their season with the April 9-10 Beaver Mountain Hillclimb in Logan, Utah. Polaris hillclimbers have used the outstanding power and Terrain Domination of their Polaris RMK sleds to excel at recent hillclimbs in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

Beukelman and Kilroy Named ‘Kings’ at Pocatello
At the Pebble Creek Hillclimb held April 3-4 in Pocatello, Idaho, Polaris racer Erin Beukelman of Nampa, ID, won the 700 Improved and 700 Mod classes and the Mod King of the Hill title. Levi Kilroy of Afton, WY, won the Semi-Pro Mod class and earned Semi-Pro King of the Hill honors.

Other Polaris winners at Pocatello included:
• Keith Curtis won 600 Stock and 700 Stock and was second in 800 Stock.

Polaris Hillclimbers, cont.

• Tyler Crockett, Polson, MT, won Open Mod and was second in 600 Stock and third in 800 Mod.
• Jason Crane, Benningon, ID, won 800 Improved and was second in 1000 Improved.
• Tyson Thomas, Afton, WY, won Pro Masters Mod and was third in Pro Masters Improved.

Hartlerode Wins Two Class Titles at Jackson Hole
At the March 25-28 Jackson Hole World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb, Polaris racers won four class titles and Shannon Barngrover of Springcreek, Nevada, won the Women’s Queen of the Hill title on her Polaris RMK Assault.

Josh Hartlerode of Fruita, CO, won the 600 Mod and Open Mod titles, Keith Curtis won the 1000 Stock title, and Barngrover won Women’s Stock, which qualified her to compete in the Queen of the Hill competition, which she won.

Curtis Wins Two ‘King’ Crowns at Lost Trail
The David Shepherd Memorial hillclimb was held March 13-14 in Lost Trail, Montana. The event is named in honor of legendary Polaris hillclimb champion David Shepherd, who died in an avalanche several years ago. Keith Curtis won the 600 Stock, 700 Stock, 800 Stock, 800 Mod and 1000 Stock class titles. Plus, he earned the Stock King of the Hill honor and Mod King of the Hill title.

Other Polaris winners in the David Shepherd event included:
• Tyler Crockett won the 600 Improved title.
• Erin Buekelman won 700 Improved.
• Dennis Durmas of Whitewater, CO, won Pro Masters Mod and was second in Open Mod.

• Travis Spencer of Collinston, UT, won Semi-Pro Improved and was second in Semi-Pro Mod.

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