New K-Mod Rear Suspension for Snowmobiles!

Oct. 08, 2007 By Press Release

Firth, ID – K-Mod Suspension a manufacturer of snowmobile rear suspension systems has developed a performance mountain rear suspension for late model snowmobiles with 151” and longer tracks. The suspension bolts to supplied drop brackets or stock mounting points, rails and front shock. Depending on the desired performance, cost and weight savings K-Mod offers either a Fox Zero Pro coil-over shock, Fox Float air shock or EXIT triple rate remote reservoir coil-over shock.

kmodBuilt from high grade chromoly the K-Mod suspension is lightweight and durable and is designed to take the abuse of aggressive mountain riding. Although the suspension works well on all types of mountain machines it works particularly well on high horsepower machines where the stock suspension allows the skis to lift of the snow, the K-Mod suspension transfers just enough weight to the rear to give good traction while still keeping the skis just above the snow. K-Mod offers billet transfer blocks for their suspension that couples the front and rear shocks together once the rear linkage is compressed. Depending on the machine the K-Mod suspension will save between 5-23 lbs.

The K-Mod suspension is an affordable alternative to the stock suspension for mountain riders who want a better ride and lighter rear suspension. The complete suspension kit comes with Fox Zero Pro shock absorber can be purchased for $895-$1095 depending on model. For more information visit or call 208-681-0348 Newsletter
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