First Yamaha 4 stroke Victory in Italian FIM Sno X championship

Another Yamaha milestone

Feb. 11, 2009 By Press Release
Was written on the Tarvisio track in the Italian Alps where Christian Gestra brought is FX Nytro RTX SE to victory in the Italian Trophy 500 championship. After finishing second in the first heat and winning the second all focus was set on the Final.
Christian and his FX Nytro RTX SE did the right thing and rode straight to highest place on the rostrum, collecting the champagne and laurels. By doing this he added another Yamaha Milestone to the rich Italian Yamaha Racing tradition:

The first Yamaha 4 stroke Victory in the Italian FIM Sno X championship.

The Italian series, like any other Sno X competition, is dominated by 2 stroke propelled machines. Last Year Guido Pedroncelli of Team Extreme Team took up the 4 stroke challenge and entered the series with Christian and a Phazer RTX. The result was a promising 5th place overall at the end of the season and the only 4 stroke in the pack. This year, thanks to a change in regulation, it was possible to enter a FX Nytro RTX SE.

To set up the sled YMC Racing parts have been used and in house fine tuning by the Yamaha dealer, Team Extreme Team of Madesimo .The result after 3 races is second place in the championship, just 18 points behind the current leader while we find the second FX Nytro RTX SE ridden by Giacomo Deghi on 4th place overall.

Mr.Guido Pedroncelli, the owner of the dealership and patron of the whole project said:“ This is an historical moment for Yamaha and for us. We already knew that our sleds had an enormous potential and this win shows everybody that the four strokes revolution is on the way to change the whole approach to snowmobiling not only in racing but also in every day usage”. Newsletter
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