2004 Line of Mountain Cats - The Best Out West

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2004 line of Mountain Cats - The Best Out West

Mountain Cat King Cat
Mountain Cat 900 EFI 1M
Mountain Cat 900 1M
Mountain Cat 800 EFI 1M
Mountain Cat 600 EFI 1M
Mountain Cat 570 1M

Mountain riders know a good sled when they see it, which is why last year's Mountain Cat 900 1M set a new standard for performance and sales last season. Credit the 35-pound diet, 150-hp 900 twin, dropped and rolled chaincase, high mountain handlebar and ideal riding manners for its chart-topping rise in popularity. For 2004, the Mountain Cat King Cat has set the new highmark of high-tech.

The all-new, mountain topper is powered by the almighty 900 carbureted twin, and gets a flurry of cool features. Titanium springs throughout the suspension and in both clutches are more durable than steel and are significantly lighter. The King Cat's 162-inch track (with 2.25-inch snow-packing lugs) is the longest in the industry, yet is lighter than the 159-inch tracks. In fact, this factory-custom sled is more than 21 lbs. lighter than last year's lightest-in-their-class 1M Mountain Cats. The King Cat is available in special orange/chrome or Arctic Cat green/chrome colors, and you can bet both will sell out early.

Joining the King Cat is the Mountain Cat 900, now available with either flatslide carburetors or with batteryless EFI (BEFI), each producing 150-hp. A plastic dropcase replaces the traditional aluminum design to shave weight on all Mountain Cat models and, when matched by other weight shavings, results in an additional trimming of 8.5-pounds over last year. Better still, more track options and two color options (green/black or red/black) are available on all Mountain Cat machines except the Mountain Cat 570.

The Mountain Cat 900, Mountain Cat 900 EFI and Mountain Cat 800 EFI come with either a 151- or 159-inch track (with 2.0-inch lugs). The Mountain Cat 600 EFI sports a 144-inch long, 2.0-inch deep track, while the 570 offers a 136-inch x 1.4-inch track. And for increased efficiency, all tracks will feature an 8-inch rear wheel.

Every 2004 Mountain gets the adjustable 39-40-41-inch ski stance (and parabolic skis); under seat shovel storage; wide running boards, high mountain handlebars; easy-to-remove seat and hood and the most comfortable AWS V and FasTrack Long Travel suspension combination for all mountain conditions. Each machine delivers the best power-to-weight performance in its class, a fact that made them the sales leaders in one short year. And with the no-hassle, perfect-metered BEFI option available on all but the 570, you get a choice not available on any other brand.

A1M@ Mountain Cat Feature Highlights

900 EFI Engine Package (NEW)
The new 900 EFI motor now joins the 150 hp 900 carb version.

159-inch Track (NEW)
Now a standard option on 800/900 Mountain Cats.

8-inch Rear Wheel (NEW)
Provides better track efficiency and gains two-three horsepower at the track.

Additional Weight Reduction in 2004 (total of 8.5 lbs.) (NEW)
- Flanged hardware (-.5 lbs.)
- Spoked bottom gear in dropcase on 900s (-.5 lbs.)
- Redesigned pipe saddle on 800s and 900s (-.5 lbs.)
- Six-post wide pocket clutch improving durability (-.5 lbs.)
- Rails (-2.5 lbs.)
- Heat exchanger brackets (-.5 lbs.)
- Heat exchanger on 900 EFI (-2 lbs.)
- Composite dropcase. (-1.5 lbs.)

Adjustable Ski Stance
(39" B 41") for more versatility in trail and off-trail riding. Accomplished by placing two 2-inch washers on either side of the ski spindle. The industry's most quick & simple system to date.

Detachable Seat
Removes in seconds allowing riders to bring indoors overnight to dry.

Removable Hood
Redesigned hood mounts for quick removal.

Dropped and Rolled Chaincase
Gives the track a better angle of attack, improving handling and ski contact.

Designed conveniently to accommodate shovel, handle, and other mountain accessories.

Parabolic Skis
Provide better floatation and handling in deep snow.

Mountain Tapered Tunnel
Eliminates Trenching

Mountain Specific Handlebars
Raised with snocross-inspired hooks and stable bar for a sure grip when sidehilling. The industry favorite without question.

Batteryless Electronic Fuel Injection (BEFI) (900 EFI / 800 EFI / 600 EFI)
For easy starts B guaranteed on the second pull B plus breathtaking performance, smooth idling no matter how high or low the temperature and altitude, plus an ultra-light throttle pull to reduce thumb fatigue.

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