Ski-doo Sweeps King Titles at Bear Lake

Feb. 01, 2006 By April Markovich

On February 3rd and 4th the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association held its second race of the season in Montpelier Idaho. This was the site of the 3rd annual Bear Lake Hillclimb. Ski-doo racers seemed right at home here as Ski-doo riders claimed the most wins of the weekend at 11 top finishes. Arctic Cat was not far behind at 8 wins and Polaris claimed 2 first place positions. Not only did Ski-doo claim the most wins for the weekend, but Ski-doo riders also took home each of the three King titles.

No. 201 Kirby Woodard took the Stock King of the Hill title from his win in the Pro 1000 Stock class. No. 74 Jason Crane earned the Improved King of the Hill title from his win in the Pro 1000 Improved class. Podium regular No. 156 Vinnie Clark claimed the Mod King of the Hill title from his win in the Pro 800 Modified class.

"I earned one other King title at Red Lodge last year, but winning it again here at Bear Lake feels like the first time. I have to thank my pit crew Woody and Ski-doo as they were a big factor in winning the King title." said Woodard. "The snow conditions were great and the course was set up well, I knew I had a good shot at the win during my runs."

Ski-doo also swept 1st in the Semi-Pro classes with No. 136 Patrick Trujillo taking the win in Semi-Pro Stock, No. 270 Carson Ellingford claiming the top spot in Semi-Pro Improved and No. 273 Colton Ellingford earning the win in the Semi-Pro Modified class. Ski-doo rider Kyler Archibald took first place in the Juniors class and Amy Zollinger claimed the win the Women's class.

When asked about what it is like to be a woman racing Hillclimb Zollinger commented "RMSHA has offered the Women's classes for two years now. Last year we had about 10 girls riding and now it is regularly at about 20- which is a good thing. We are all friends and encourage and coach each other." Most of Amy's family races Hillclimb as well and they have all been a huge support to her. "I couldn't do it without my father-in-law Sid and my husband's help. We are there anyway watching our families race so it makes it more fun to be able to participate as well"

To add to the racing excitement at the end of the day, Bear Lake officials added the popular two-up racing up the hill and toboggan racing down the hill. This race seems to gain momentum and popularity every season and as such has become the Bear Lake Chamber of Commerce's largest event of the year. Newsletter
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