Tires Chirp Like Hound Dogs

Apr. 01, 2002 By ORC STAFF
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OK. We're back and busier than ever as we approach the start of the notorious Best in the Desert Terrible's Town 250 (April 6, 2002). Today, we're loading up and heading out to contingency and tech inspection for the event and eagerly embracing's realtime event coverage sponsored by Beard Seats, manufacturers of the some of the best seats ever mounted in a Jeep, and Sway-A-Way, the "leader in suspension technology."

So, what do you Jeepers care about some off-road race in the middle of the barron Nevada desert anyway? Chances are, you don't. So, we won't bug you about it any longer and will give you the photo galleries of the 2002 Moab Easter Jeep Safari.

Thanks for your patience, Fidel Gonzales

  Coming Next Month

What we've got is Skyjacker Suspension's long-time off-road race champion Curt LeDuc, who lays down the law and states his claim to the Rock Crawling arena. And in a town of Multi-Use, the Eco-Freaks are producing and off-roaders are buying into it. Supporting the enemy? We think so. Newsletter
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