Warrior Products Tailgate Table for Jeep Wrangler

Feb. 02, 2017 By Pete Bach
The Warrior Products Tailgate Table offers additional storage and a drop-down table for move space at the back end of Jeep Wranglers.

There are hundreds of aftermarket products available today for trucks, Jeeps and SUVs that  enhance the driving/performance and off-road experience for the automotive enthusiast. There are also products that can make even the biggest nerd look like he could roll with JayZ and Beyoncé to the Academy Awards. A lot of those products are amazing and we have some of them, but the products that we admire most are the innovations that actually make our lives easier when trying to enjoy one of our favorite pastimes.

Two things that we've always griped about when off road or camping is the lack of storage and organization in our Jeep, as well as the fact that we have to use our Jeep's rear bumper for a table because the tail gate doesn't fold down. We had dreamed about a product that would make our lives easier and solve these common problems... and luckily, the folks at Warrior Products read our minds and executed a solution.

The Warrior Products Tailgate Table is now something we cannot live without. It solved both of our problems. (No, the nerd problem was not solved.) First, we were finally able to securely store the few items that we always carry in our Jeep, such as our trusty CB radio and some extra fluids. Mopping up motor oil that seeps out of the bottle becomes very annoying and is sure to happen if not standing upright all the time. The Warriors Products Tailgate Table secures these items and stores them out of the way. The design and straps keeps things neat and tidy and the folding tray table locks everything up tight with a minimal footprint. We even have some spare U-joints strapped into the P.A.L.S. system, that also accommodates MOLLE and tactical bags. Each panel is removable and customizable as well, which we like simply for easy cleanup after camping trips. You can even remove all of your secured belongings while still attached to the panels by spinning off the handy little wing nuts. Simple, and it makes our lives a little easier.

The installation for the tailgate table requires drilling 8 holes into the Wrangler tailgate. Be mindful to where you plan to install the unit prior to drilling, making sure it's not mounted too high or too low.

After drilling eight holes into the Wrangler door, the Warrior Products Tailgate table secures to the door with included hardware.

The tailgate table serves as both a secured storage container, and when stopped it will fold down for added space at the back end of the Jeep.

Once the frame is installed and secured, the table portion is secured using the included hardware.

Of course, the best part of the tailgate table is... the tailgate table!  Flipping the butterfly latches to reveal the table is something you have to experience.  By experience, we mean you've got to use this product to appreciate the quality (which is made the the USA) that has been built into this little contraption. The whole unit is simple and extremely strong, made from rust-free aluminum and powder-coated steel. The stationary load-bearing hinges eliminate the need for cables or other supports that can get in the way of valuable workspace. The table folds down for all the necessary camping do-dads and it looks cool while doing it. In fact, we've had so many comments on how great the tailgate table looks, we almost wish we would have mounted the product on the outside of our tailgate.

Wingnuts help secure the unit to the tailgate.

Speaking of mounting the Warrior Products Tailgate Table, it really is as easy as it looks. Eight small holes need to be drilled on the inside of the Jeep's tailgate and then the unit bolts on.  That's it! Installation can be completed in a matter of minutes. We were very careful, however, of where we mounted it on the gate. You'll want to make sure you avoid drilling into the Jeep's spot welds... and you DO NOT want to mount the Tail Gate Table too high. Mount it too high and the Tail Gate Table will interfere with the rear window or tailgate bar.

This latch secures the table in place, and we're happy to report it doesn't rattle on the trail.

Our biggest worry about the tailgate table was that it would rattle, but we were pleased that haven’t heard a squeak or rattle out of this thing! It is possibly the most solid part of the Jeep.  Our only gripe is that we wish the tailgate table was bigger – much bigger. Of course, there is not much room to work with on the backside of the Jeep JK gate but even a few more inches would help. Tail Gate Table XL please! Keep in mind, the table is not designed to be a seat, and it will not support a child or adult. It will, however, hold up enough weight for cooking supplies, tools and parts for your Jeep.

The Warrior Products Tailgate Table also holds spare oil upright along with additional parts and tools.

While the Warrior Products Tail Gate Table doesn't make driving our Jeep easier, and it doesn't turn us into a Kardashian when folded down, it does help us organize our Jeep, keeps us cleaner and allows us to fillet a fish right on the back of our Jeep. It's even got a built-in bottle opener that will surely delight all of us microbrew fanatics while sitting around the campfire. If you need a handy little table and storage device in your Jeep, look up the Warrior Products Tailgate Table. You'll be impressed.

Warrior Products
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