Swapping the Motor Mounts on Your Jeep

Nov. 27, 2012 By Jim Brightly, KF7SCT

Jeep Motor Mount Swap Cont.

Two boltsóone of which is welded to the mount (see photo 3)óand a through nut-and-bolt secures the motor mount to the body and the engine.

Before removing the mount, support the engine with a floor jack. You may need to raise and lower the engine in order for all of the bolts to be slipped into place.

Once the engine is supported and all the nuts and bolts are removed, you can slip the motor mount out.

Only one side of the rubber bushing broke but it was enough to allow the engine to move and the fan to contact the shroud.

If youíre inserting an OEM replacement, itíll slip right in. However, on this Cherokee there was a slight ridge on the engine side of the mount assembly that was too tight for the neoprene bushing.

The back edge of both sides of the bushing had to be sanded off for the bushing to slip into place.

Itís in and itís looking good. The added stiffness of the neoprene transfers engine vibrations to the body instead of isolating them. So youíll feel more vibrations while driving but itíll last much longer.

On the right side of the 1991 Cherokee the oil filter has to be removed in order to remove the through bolt. Depending on model and accessories, you may have more or less items during your motor mount change-out.

After some maneuvering and some swearing, the right side motor mount is also in and looking good.

With the new motor mount in place, reattach the Cherokeeís oil filter. Donít forget to reconnect the battery.

With new motor mounts in place, Ted is back to taking his í91 Cherokee where the more timid will not tread.

Iím shouting out a huge THANK YOU to Paul Schupp at Rock Lizard 4x4, in Kingman, Arizona, for allowing us to use his shop and tools for this operation. And I thank Summit Racing (http://www.summitracing.com/) for expediting shipment of the new motor mounts.

Summit Racing Parts #s:
PTP-1-502 Urethane Mount Kit
PIO-A2572 Rubber Motor Mount

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