Rugged Ridge Magnetic Panels for Jeep Wrangler

Feb. 16, 2017 By Jim Brightly
We used a 2012 white Rubicon Unlimited four-door to easily show how the panels are applied to your Jeep.

When we get a new Jeep—at least “new” to us—or an actual brand-new off-the-showroom-floor Wrangler, we want to keep it as pristine for as long as we can. But how can we keep our Wranglers scratch- and dent-free when we wheel in the desert, rock crawl in the mountains, or park at the mall?

Initially when the JK model Wrangler was introduced in 2007, the hardtop and fenders were not painted to match the body—they were matte black—however, owners began requesting matching fenders and top.

Inconsiderate shoppers seem to be drawn to new cars like bees to water, and they usually don’t care if their doors dent your doors or not. Rock crawling in the mountains magically seems to cause branches and pine cones to scratch the flat panels on your rig, and desert wheeling can see cactus pinstriping messing up your polish.

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Always make sure the Jeep is clean before applying the magnetic panels. George Bernard is cleaning the last of dust from his Jeep.

George decided to read the instructions one more time before applying the panels, making sure to determine which panel goes where.

It’s easier to do one side of the Jeep at a time, and applying the smaller pieces before the door panels.

The larger pieces are easier to locate where they belong so we found it easier to put those on last.

Rugged Ridge, a large company that listens to its smallest client, has developed a cure for the desert pinstriping blues—thick magnetic panels cut to fit all the flat side panels on your Jeep. The Magnetic Protection Panel kit (part no. 12300.53, $284) is designed to protect your Jeep’s paint while on the trails. It is an easily removable nine-piece kit that provides full coverage for the body of your Jeep—except the fenders—to keep your mind at ease and your paint job flawless. Featuring a durable matte black vinyl finish, each panel is constructed of 17-gauge (.060-inch) thick magnetic sheet material for a tough finish and long-lasting use.

The two door panels go on last.

Author’s note: A Magnetic Protection Panel kit is also available for the two-door JK model (part no. 12300.52) and is priced $241.

The magnetic panels are designed to take a beating on the trail and still adhere to your Jeep’s metal skin. For transportation, they roll up and can be stored in their original box. While driving to and from the trails or malls, do not leave them on at speeds exceeding 55 mph. Beyond that speed, occasional side winds or wind shear due to large trucks or buses could dislodge a panel sufficiently to allow the wind to peel it off your Jeep.

Looking like an entirely different Jeep, the matte black panels enhance the Jeep’s appearance.

Always remember to clean your Jeep before applying the Magnetic Protection Panel kit. Dust, dirt or debris underneath the panels could inadvertently damage your paint.

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