Rugged Ridge All Terrain Modular JK Bumper

Jul. 02, 2013 By Jaime Hernandez, Photos by Brian Hathaway
The Rugged Ridge All Terrain Modular Steel Bumper System is constructed from durable black powder coated steel and is functionally engineered (Photo compliments of manufacturer).

Much of the same joy we found as kids building things with blocks is what makes building Jeep 4x4s so much fun today. There are just so many different ways to go about modifying your rig, making each and every Jeep unique. The latest offering from Rugged Ridge helps keep that creativity alive with the new All Terrain Modular Front Bumper for the Jeep Wrangler JK. 

Whether itís running a simple stubby bumper or adding different end caps and bumper bars, itís all up to the Jeep owner to decide what looks and works best. The All Terrain Modular Bumper from Rugged Ridge stems from their Aluminum XHD Series. Keeping a similar design to the original XHD, the new All Terrain Series bumper is made from steel instead of aluminum. This makes the All Terrain Series more affordable (starting at $319.99) and appealing to Jeep owners looking for solid rock armor.

Jeep off-road enthusiasts will appreciate the new all-steel construction of the All Terrain Modular Bumper.

At the core of the Rugged Ridge All Terrain bumper is the main steel bumper section.  From there, one can add Stubby Ends, an Over Rider bar, D-Rings, Winch Cover or Winch Plate. An all-new Double X Striker bar was also added to the lineup. 

We received an All Terrain Modular JK Bumper from Rugged Ridge to configure and build to our liking. Our friend Brian was very excited about helping assemble this stubby steel bumper. After all, the All Terrain Bumper would be installed on his Jeep.

The Stubby Ends are fastened in place with three M12 bolts and lock nuts per side, making this optional piece very sturdy.

We ended up building an All Terrain Series front bumper with all the available options, including their new Double X Striker bar. Most of the bumper can be assembled using a basic metric socket and wrench set. All the necessary assembly hardware is included and no fabrication is required for installation. Itís a direct bolt-on application.

The factory fog lights are re-used on the All Terrain steel bumper.

The engineers at Rugged Ridge do a great job at using existing bolt holes on the frame and re-using factory parts such as the fog lights. Detailed step-by-step instructions provide illustrations and information for the entire installation, making this project a breeze. Thereís also tech support available from Omix-Ada (parent company of Rugged Ridge) if you should get stuck (800-449-6649 or

The factory Jeep bumper is removed to make way for the new Rugged Ridge steel bumper. The All Terrain Series offers an optional steel Winch Plate to secure a planetary recovery winch. The winch plate is held in place by a total of six bolts directly fastened to the Jeep frame.

For those not running a recovery winch, Rugged Ridge offers a Winch Cover plate that mounts flush on top of the bumper.

On 2012 and newer Jeep Wrangler JK models with the 3.6L Pentastar V6 Engine, the vacuum pump will need to be relocated so the new All Terrain steel bumper fits. From what we could tell, relocating the vacuum pump on the 3.6L models would not be that big of a hurdle thanks to a bracket included in the Rugged Ridge Series bumper hardware. We skipped this step since the Jeep we are using is a 3.8L V6. There were no clearance issues whatsoever.

The Rugged Ridge All Terrain steel bumper is secured in place using a total of eight M12 bolts that fasten to the Jeep JK frame ends. The Double X Striker bar lower mounts are also secured in place by these same M12 bolts.

We didnít have any issues during our installation. Fitment was dead on, all the bolts lined up with frame mounting points and on the bumper itself. Installation takes 1-2 hours.


At first look, the All Terrain Series front bumper looks very much like its aluminum brother from the Rugged Ridge XHD Series. The All Terrain Double X Striker and removable winch plate are new to Rugged Ridge and were specifically designed for the All Terrain Series bumper. We like the lower profile of the Double X Strikeróitís subtle yet functional. The Double X Striker bar also incorporates D-rings into the lower mounting plate, making it a very nice touch. The overall attitude of the All Terrain Front Bumper works well with the Jeep JK grille and fender lines.

Weight wise, the All Terrain fully dressed with every option weighs in just over 80 lbs.  The All Terrain steel bumper alone is 35 lbs. To put things in perspective, the factory plastic Mopar bumper cover with frame bumper bracket is about 36 lbs. You can either keep the weight down or build up your bumper as big as you need it to be. Thatís the beauty of modular. Youíre in charge.

The all-new Double X Striker bar gives the Jeep JK an aggressive look. Paired with the The Rugged Ridge Stubby Ends, the All Terrain Series bumper makes a bold statement worth its weight in steel.

The All Terrain Modular Series front bumper is a great option for the Jeep Wrangler JK owner looking for a strong steel bumper that offers function and value. The level of customization this new Rugged Ridge bumper offers is only rivaled by custom fabricated steel bumpersótypically attached to hefty price tags. Save some money and time, modulate your next Jeep front bumper. It might be the most fun youíve had since playing with building blocks.

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