Daystar 3-Inch Lift Install on Jeep Wrangler JK

Mar. 27, 2012 By Jim Brightly

Daystar Jeep JK Lift Continued

Install the new shocks and sway bar links using the factory hardware. Re-insert the ABS lines into their brackets, and install the front wheels and drop the Jeep’s front end.

Chock the front wheels, jack up the rear of the Jeep, and rest its frame on jackstands. Remove the rear shocks, disconnect the sway bar at the frame, and unbolt the bracket that holds the brake line to the frame. Save all factory hardware.

Using a flat screwdriver, pry out the rubber bump stop.

Remove the rear track bar at the axle end. Make sure the vent tube, brake lines and ABS cables are disconnected when working on the rear suspension. Also remove the brackets holding the parking brake cables.

Here our steps differed from Daystar’s instructions. We drilled the two 3/8-inch holes with the bracket in place rather than marking the bracket and drilling it on a bench.

We then bolted it into place, and we used a come-along to correctly locate the track bar into place.

On the rear axle we again used some wood blocks and a floor jack to press the bump stops into place.

After installing the rear left spacer over the factory spring isolator, we reinstalled the coil springs. In order to get the rear coil springs into place, we had to use a lot of muscle and some pry bars.

Install the bushings, sleeves and boots on the longer Daystar Scorpion shock absorbers.

Install the rear sway bar drop-down bracket with the supplied hardware.

Install the new longer Daystar shocks. Bolt them into place starting at the top and then doing the lower bolts. Reconnect all components, install the rear tires, and drop the Jeep to the ground.

Having measured all four corners before we started, we again measured all four corners (after driving to Starbucks for a celebratory coffee, and to settle all the components into place). Here are the changes in inches: LF—22/27; RF—22/26-3/4; LR—28-3/4/32; RR—28-1/4/32. So the Daystar 3-inch lift kit and Toyo 34-inch tires raised the Jeep 4 to 5 inches.

On each side of the Jeep, you’ll find the factory steering stop bolt. At one time, these had a pair of movable nuts, so that they could be adjusted and then locked into place. Nowadays, though, Jeep welds the nut into place so we used a ¼-inch spacer to shim it out so the tires would not rub on the sway bar and track bar. Thirty-three-inch tires do not need a shim; 35-inch or larger tires will require wheel spacers or new wheels with the proper offsets. Before driving, check for clearance on the front brake and ABS lines with larger tires.

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