CTM Racing 297x U-Joint. Never break a U-Joint again!

Nov. 01, 2005 By Tony Carricaburu

Product Reviewed:
CTM Racing U-Joints (Replaces the Factory OEM 297x u-joints)

The CTM 297 U-Joint on the right is obviously much stronger than the Spicer 297x u-joint shown on the left. Notice the the differences between the two. 


CTM Racing Products Inc. has just recently developed a solution for axle U-Joint failure! Period! Never break another U-Joint again or they?ll replace it free! CTM has designed a u-joint so incredibly strong nobody has been able to break it, seriously! And if you think you tough enough to break them, CTM will send you a new set free because there backed by a lifetime warranty. That sounds like a challenge to me.

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CTM Racing is currently offering these U-Joints in two sizes so far. One size is the very popular 297x model which replaces the factory 297x u-joints. These u-joints are most commonly found in most Dana 44 front axles as well as ?95 and newer Jeep front Dana 30 axles. And if for some reason your breaking Dana 60 U-Joints, They also offer an indestructible Dana 60 version now.  There are other versions to follow in the future.

The picture above is of Lance from Pirate 4x4's Dana 44 front axle during his CTM U-Joint testing. This just goes to show that the CTM U-Joints are extremely strong! A typical Spicer 297x would have exploded into shrapnel under these circumstances. But the CTM is sitting there waiting for some more abuse.   
How Strong are they?

The CTM u-joints are currently being used in all types of off-roading and Rock Crawling sports by professionals all around the world. For example Lance from Pirate 4x4 runs a set in his Dana 44 front axle, Chris Durham (winner of ?00 Skyjacker Rock-Crawling Competition) runs them in his Tera60 front axle, and many others. Neither of which have been able to break a set of these incredibly strong u-joints. If your familiar with these competitors names you know these guys have heavy feet to say the least. 

I've personally seen Chris Durham grenade a Dana 60 U-joint into pieces which launched out of the vehicle about 50 feet away! I still have a piece of the shrapnel for proof. Another hardcore well known Rock-Crawler is Lance from Pirate4x4, he too has been known to explode 297x U-joints into a million pieces. See pictures below of Lance?s grenaded front axle and knuckle assembly. Notice the CTM U-Joint still in perfect condition just with one of the caps removed, With a new axle shaft that CTM U-Joint is ready for some more abuse. CTM Racing Products is so confident that you won't break one of these new u-joints they back them by a lifetime guarantee. So essentially these will be the last set of u-joints you'll ever have to buy again!

Installing the CTM U-joints wasn't any different than installing any other type of U-Joint. I took the liberty of installing a set of Warn Alloy shafts at the same time. The Warns shafts are much stronger than my factory shafts and also except the Full C-Clip design that CTM Racing supply's with the U-Joints.


Installing the CTM?s was no different than installing any other axle u-joint. Actually it was easier because the bearing caps don?t have bearing at all so you don?t have to worry about dropping the caps and all the bearing falling out. 

See picture gallery for more details. In conjunction with the CTM U-joints I purchased a set of Warn alloy inner and outer shafts to go with the bomb proof CTM?s.  By the way, you don?t have to run Warn shafts with the CTM?s. They?ll fit in any set of axle shafts that are capable of accepting full C-Clips retainers. More installation pictures in the Picture Gallery.

Testing The CTM's Strength:

After installing the CTM U-Joints I was dying to go beat the heck out them and see if I could break them. For this test my Club and I headed over to some local Rock-Crawling trails in my backyard (the San Bernardino, Ca. mountains). 

At each rock garden we came across I took the hardest lines slamming the front axle as hard as I could attempting to break the CTM's.

Everytime with out failure the CTM's just kept going and going. I didn?t have one problem all day! In a couple of particular sections I guarantee any Spicer or other 297x u-joint would have exploded into shrapnel easily but the CTM?s weren?t even fazed!! I never thought I would be complaining about not being able to break. 

One of many pictures of the monstor YJ during the "CTM testing."

I can?t say that I was exactly surprised after all the impressive stories I?ve heard about these u-joints recently.I was very happy with the bullet proof design Jack put into these things! I don't know what his secret is but its definitly going to change the Off-roading.

The YJ's Basic Specs:

To give you an example of what my Jeep is currently setup with. I am running a ?90 Jeep Wrangler, heavily modified 4.2L producing est. 230hp, 4:1 t-case gears, Dana 44 front axle with 5:13 gears and a full spool turning some big 38.5x16x15 Super Swamper TSL's.

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