6 Jeep Pickup Trucks Over the Years

Jun. 22, 2016 By Tim Healey

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Jeep Gladiator (J-Series)
Also known simply as the Jeep pickup, the Gladiator, which rode on a platform based off the SJ Wagoneer, was sold from 1962-1988 with very little in the way of mechanical change. It was manufactured by Willys at first, then Kaiser, then AMC, then Chrysler. You could get a J200, J2000, J300, J3000, or J4000 model (eventually these were simplified to J10 and J20), with the truck offering both long and short wheelbases. Engines offered included three different inline-sixes and four different V-8s. Accessories included a camper bed and there were various bed styles available, including a step-side. You could get either a rear-wheel or four-wheel drive drivetrain. In 1971, the Gladiator name was dropped and the truck was simply dubbed the Jeep pickup. Military versions were also built, including the M715 and M725. There was also a Honcho trim from 1976 to 1983 that featured unique extras such as a Levi’s interior. Jeep paid homage to these trucks in 2012 at Moab with the J-12 Concept. That concept used the JK-8 conversion kit, which allowed Jeep owners to turn their Wranglers into pickup trucks. This concept expanded the bed 18 inches to provide for a six-foot bed while also allowing the spare tire to be moved to under the truck bed. A three-inch lift is provided by a Mopar lift kit, and Teraflex sway bars are part of the package, as are a hood and front fenders that are sculpted in the image of the Gladiator.

Jeep’s “Nukizer” Concept plays off J-Series history

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