Superlift 2-inch Jeep Wrangler JK Suspension Review

Dec. 17, 2012 By Jaime Hernandez
Superlift 2-inch Jeep Wrangler JK Suspension Action

As much as we may love seeing monster tires with wildly flexible suspension out on the trail, sometimes bigger isnít better. This is generally the case when it comes to a rig that doubles as the daily driver. After having his Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara JK for about one year, Brian was ready to make changes to help his Jeep perform better off-road.

Looking to gain additional ground clearance and make room for 33 to 35-inch tires, we looked at 2- to 2.5-inch suspension lift kits for his Jeep JK. Part of the beauty to only going 2 to 2.5 inches is that it keeps the center of gravity low. Getting a 2-inch suspension lift can be achieved by using coil spacers or longer replacement coil springs. 


For someone on a budget and looking to retain the factory ride, the coil spacer is ideal.  They are quick to install, inexpensive, and guaranteed to retain factory ride with little modification.

After spending some time with Superlift both in Moab and at the TDS Safari this year, we were convinced that their quality JK products would be a good fit for Brianís Jeep.  Superlift makes a 2-inch lift kit for 2007-13 Jeep Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited JK (Part# 5702). It consists of two front coil spacers, two rear coil spacers, and four longer bump stops for each corner. Ready to evolve, we gave it a whirl.

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Superlift 2-inch Jeep Wrangler JK Suspension Kit

When it came to installation, we called on our friends at Off Road Warehouse (ORW) in Escondido, CA. They are the leading off-road shop in San Diego that deals with Jeeps and have been doing it for over 30 years. If you need help with your Jeep or any off-road vehicle, ORW is highly recommended.

Jeep Wrangler JK on Lift

To get the transformation started, Justin Mitchell put the Jeep on the lift and began by removing all four tires. He then proceeded to work on the front suspension.

Jeep Wrangler JK Underside

To install the new Superlift coil spacers and longer bump stops, the front differential would need to be dropped. Justin removed the front track bar, lower shock bolts, along with the anti-sway bar links and brake hose bracket. Once the front axle was free, Justin lowered the floor stands supporting the differential until there was enough room to remove the coil.

Superlift Isolator vs. Factory Isolator

In our installation, we deviated from the intended 2-inch lift Superlift has designed. Our installer sandwiching both the factory and the new Superlift coil spacer together, yielding a 2.5-inch lift. Brian wanted to get every bit of lift he could get for his Jeep.  ORW does many 2.5-inch JK lifts on a regular basis that use this method. In theory, it works, but weíve now opened up a Pandoraís box. Brian will have to address other things like getting longer shocks and longer brake lines. If youíre just looking for enough room to fit 33s and no additional expenses, stick to the 2-inch spacer only.

Factory Bump Stop vs. Superlift Bump Stop
Lifting the Front Axle

Superlift 2-inch Jeep Wrangler JK Suspension

Chasing the rear, Justin again used adjustable stands to help support the rear differential. Secure and ready to drop, the track bar was unbolted at the frame, the lower end of the shocks at the axle, followed by the anti-sway bar links.  To make sure things donít get over stretched, the brake hose bracket was also unbolted. 

Superlift 2-inch Coil Spacers

Greasing the Superlift Bump Stop

While working on the rear, Superlift recommends re-routing the emergency brake cable bracket on the bottom of the frame crossmember. This can be done by simply removing the e-brake cable at the axle and re-routingógiving the cable some added slack.
Wrapping Up Superlift Installation

After doing a clearance check, and making sure everything was tightened on both the front and rear suspension, Justin checked the front suspension alignment and made adjustments as needed.

The installation for the Superlift 2-inch Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Suspension Kit takes one to two hours to complete, and it is recommended that a professional mechanic do it.


Brianís Jeep now has plenty of room to fit larger off-road tires and has gained body ground clearance. The Superlift 2-inch suspension kit works very well on and off-road.  The ride on the Jeep feels like it did before, staying true to the factory ride claim Superlift advertises. 

Jeep Wranger JK After Superlift Installation

We took the Jeep JK on an off-road test in Anza-Borrego and it did well. A full day on the trail and the Superlift 2-inch spacers are still intact. The Jeep sits a little taller, so it handles differently going around corners. This is a characteristic common with any suspension lift.

Testing Out the Superlift Lift Kit

We did notice that the factory shocks are limiting the articulation. Brian plans to get longer shocks to help with that soon. Superlift does offer optional Superide shocks to improve control plus allow an additional 2 inches of extension travel. Sway-bar-disconnect and steering damper for added off-road performance are also available.

Overall Brian seems happy with the modification and the Jeepís newly added height.  He can still drive it on a daily basis and now has a new sense of confidence on the trail.

For the money, you canít beat the Superlift 2-inch Jeep Wrangler Unlimited suspension kit (Under $200). Itís backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and one can always build on to it by adding more suspension parts down the road.


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